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Daily Quests

The STRATCOM Intelligence Division has received reports stating that a mercenary operative going by the name of Operative Talia has established a base of operations in the Wasteland. Intel states she has been offering high rewards for Commanders willing to carry out Mercenary Operations on her behalf.

We believe she is offering Mercenary Operations to Commanders 3 times a day, and has been known to offer up to 8 at once. These Operations may come under various different guises, such as Individual, Clan and Echelon operations, and may include anything from sabotage, assassination or smuggling.

These offers also do not require the expenditure of combat units, and offer GUARANTEED PAYMENT upon acceptance.

Be advised that these Mercenary Operations are unsanctioned by STRATCOM and we will provide no assistance. Our official stance is that we are not aligned with any mercenary organization, the Independent Arms Association included.

Although there is no risk for the individual Commanders wishing to carry out these Operations, and that they will literally be rewarded and will receive FREE PAYOUTS for ZERO WORK, STRATCOM and its partners will not be seen to be in association with these outside organizations.

New reward item - Serum!

From now on some of your Reward packages will also include Cryonic Containers with one Serum between levels 1-3 - specially modified genetic retroviruses which allow you to splice in tailored performance-enhancing boosts your Units’ Offensive and Defensive statistics. Serums will work in tandem with all other upgrades, special artifacts, and other force multipliers currently active on your Units. All Cryonic Containers acquired will be sent to your Cold Storage facility in the Genetics Lab, where you can open them and extract the Serum.

Conversely, we would also take a second look at any Commander stupid enough to not be taking advantage of Operative Talia's tasks, and would find it most suspicious. Make the right decision, Commanders.

Mercenary Operations are Daily Missions which offer guaranteed rewards if accepted. Participation is optional and requires no in-game combat action or expenditure of Units or Resources.

You will be receiving offers from Operative Talia directly.

Note: Mercenary Operations offers will expire if not accepted within the given hours.

To participate in Mercenary Operations, please perform the following steps:

  1. click the "Mercenary Operations" icon
  2. choose the operation you want to complete
  3. click "Accept"

After the designed period of time, the Op will automatically be completed. Upon completion, click "Claim Reward" button to collect your payment. You may also use Crystals to reduce the completion time of a Mercenary Operation by clicking the "Boost" button.

There are 3 categories of Mercenary Operations:

  1. Individual - every Commander can participate in these Operations
  2. Clan - only Clan members are allowed to join these Mercenary Ops
  3. Echelon - activate your Echelon Status to participate in Echelon Mercenary Operations.

Within each Mercenary Operation category, all Ops will fall under one of 5 classifications:

  • Class I Operations
  • Class II Operations
  • Class III Operations
  • Class IV Operations
  • Class V Operations

Each Operational Class differs by completion time and rarity. The higher the level of the Operation, the larger the reward you will receive for its completion.

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