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Medals are a special Coalition-only Resource that can be earned by participating in Coalition Missions and Tournaments, or by purchasing them with Drachmas when developing your Disciplines.


When you construct your Coalition Capital, you also gain access to Disciplines. The “Disciplines” section of your Coalition Capital interface contains a variety of Disciplines. Developing these provides statistical bonuses to the armies of ALL Members of that Coalition.

Disciplines are not affected by attacks, and cannot be downgraded. Once developed to a certain Level, they will never drop below that Level.

To develop a Discipline, you’ll need Medals.

Each discipline provides strategical bonuses to all coalition members simultaneously.

The following disciplines are available(photos taken as exapmle from one captal lvl12 ):

Grain Consumption Reduction & Unit Speed Increase
Light Infantry Defense; Heavy Infantry Defense; Phalanx Defense; Cavalry Defense.
Light Infantry Offense; Heavy Infantry Offense; Phalanx Offense; Cavalry Offense;