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Massed Attacks allow you and your Brotherhood mates to deploy devastating attacks from up to three Brotherhood Members as you battle for control of the Seven Seas.

Only Brotherhood Leaders, Brotherhood Advisers, Commodores, and Swashbucklers are authorized to organize and deploy Massed Attacks and manage their Brotherhood Member's Crew. A maximum of 3 Brotherhood Members can take part in a single Massed Attack. Massed Attacks may be used to capture Targets or attack Presidios but can NOT be used to blockade enemy Havens or destroy Prizes.

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Massed Attack Mechanics

Follow these steps to participate in a Massed Attack:


1. Designate a Brotherhood leader, Brotherhood Adviser, Commodore or Swashbuckler to coordinate and launch the Massed Attack.

2. Have all participating members select 'Send Reinforcements' from any interface to reinforce the attack coordinator.

3. Choose the OFFENSIVE Units required for the mission and click 'Send'.


Once the attack coordinator has received all reinforcements needed, he or she may launch the attack by:

1. Choosing the Target or Presidio to be raided and opening the 'Raid' window.

2. Selecting 'Massed Attack'

3. Selecting the Brotherhood Members who will be participating in the Massed Attack (only their Offensive Reinforcements will take part in a battle) and launching the Raid.

Your Master at Arms will update each participant of a Massed Attack on the outcome of each battle, and all surviving Reinforcements will automatically return directly to their owners' Havens following each attack.

As with other Reinforcements, sending Offensive Reinforcements to capture other Targets does not allow you to collect Resources from that Target. You can help Brotherhood members capture their Targets, but distribution of proceeds is determined by Brotherhood leadership. Only the Massed Attack coordinator is authorized to collect resources from a Target.

Once you've sent Offensive Reinforcements to take part in a Massed Attack, go to the Pirate Stronghold and open the 'Tracking' tab to check current information about your Units' location and movement.

If you send your Troops for a Massed Attack all losses, or Experience points will be proportionally distributed among those players who have taken part in the attack.

The maximum number of Units that can be sent is determined by the Force Limit of the attack coordinator. All reinforcing Units will continue to be supported by their home Havens throughout all steps of the Massed Attack.

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