Maranian Amulets

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Maranian Amulets

The new Vampire King, Delthinas Veramme, has not forgotten his debt of honor! He has sent forth a terrible host of Vampire warriors to battle at our side, and the Children of Lovar - abandoned by their father long ago - have returned. Sheltered by the Goddess Mara, they have been granted Maranian Amulets to permit them to walk in daylight, and have gained augmented strength by her divine blessing.

Maranian Amulets are magical, enchanted items which allow you to summon the special type of Units - Vampires. When in possession of the Amulets, you are able to summon all types of Vampire Units - Seekers, Lost Ones, Priestesses, and Reiters.

To receive Maranian Amulets, you must first honour her by sacrificing Gold and Iron at the Altar of Mara.

Go to the Altar of Mara to begin sacrificing Resources in exchange for Amulets. The amount of Resources you choose to give is completely up to you. Honour Mara by sacrificing both 500 Gold and 500 Iron, and just 1 hour you will be rewarded with 500 Maranian Amulets. Mara will always reward you in the same ratio; however, selecting shorter periods of time will increase the speed at which your offerings are rewarded with Amulets.

Simply choose the desired number of Amulets and click the "Purchase" button.

You may also choose to spend Sapphires to instantly transform Resources into Amulets. Simply choose the desired amount of Amulets you wish to create and click the "Purchase" button. For instant, Amulet creation you will need Sapphires as well as both Gold and Iron.

Once you've mastered the required Lost Art and you possess enough Amulets, you will be able to summon Seekers, Lost Ones, Priestesses, and Reiters. These Units can be summoned via the Units menu.

 The number of Maranian Amulets you can hold is limited by your Warehouse capacity. Upgrade your Warehouses to store more Amulets.

It is only desperation that has driven us to this end, and I pray that my lords will not make me look back upon this day with shame and horror. Control your new dark allies well.

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