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The map is an overview of the battlefield, allowing players to locate friends and enemies, interact with Depots, Mining Complexes and Bases as well as carry out various functions of the game.

To go to the map, click the map icon on the right side of the main interface. To return to base, click the Home icon from the map or base menu, or click twice on your base. You can scroll across the map by clicking and dragging the map with your mouse, using your keyboard arrows or by entering coordinates in the bottom right corner of the map and clicking on the enter key icon.

Player View

Player View of the Map

Players can use the map to locate bases, Depots, Zheng Shi locations and other interactive objects in the game.

Units traveling to and from locations on the map are shown with representation and travel lines.

Units on return are shown with a blue line. Units performing defensive actions are shown with a green line. Units performing offensive actions are shown with a red line.

Combine View

Combine View of the Map

Combine members can use this function to view territory and influence as well as interact with their own, friendly or enemy Mining Complexes.

Combine Options

Combine Map Options

The combine map options let you toggle map objects on-screen such as combine members, mining complexes, enemy territory or territory of a challenging combine (issued by a combine challenge)

MC Interactions

Combine Interactions

By hovering your mouse pointer over a mining complex, you can perform various actions, such as Reinforce, Occupy, or Recon. Note: the Reinforce option is only available to combine members who currently hold the Mining Complex. The Occupy command is only available to players who are members of a combine other than the current occupier. Recon command is only available to members of a combine who are not currently in control of the Mining Complex.

The other two options are to visit the Joint Ops Center (of the player's current Combine), or change scale option (zoom to player level map of the complex)

Clicking on the location link will copy the coordinates to the clipboard (can be pasted into mail).