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Coalition Limits

Growing a Coalition is not an easy task. It's expensive and most of the cost and effort lies squarely on the shoulder of the Hegemon. There are also hard limits on member count, soft limits on finding quality members as a new Coalition, and the general difficult incurred by a leader leading a group. If you don't care about your group, then it's low maintenance...but it won't amount to anything either.

Finding Members

You need to get the word out if you want to see the light of day on the Coalition boards. Coalition rank is derived from Pantheons held by the group. Unless you are already a power player and capable of taking and holding a Pantheon by yourself, you aren't going to have any rank starting out. You simply can't count on people finding your group (and then picking it out of all the other newbie Coalitions) from the Coalition rankings. Still having a good Coalition Information Message up won't hurt because anyone who does here of you will see that first. However....see the Academy section.


The Academy was originally intended as a means for coalitions to bring in fresh recruits at an early level and guide them as they develop. The hope of course is that member will later progress into becoming a full fledged member of the group, one who is already aligned with how the group operates. Later, the game made Academies more prominent. The way Academies work currently is that Hegemon's have the option to turn the Academy on or off in their game settings. If the Academy is on, then it has 10 slots and the minimum level for entry via the Academy is level 5. You have no control over who joins via the Academy. Instead, once a player reaches level 5 in the game, they will be able to browse the Coalition rankings in the Embassy. If a Coalition has an Academy with open slots, the listing will allow the option to join the group instantly. There is no messaging or confirmation required. Once the recruits selects to join, they are in the group. They will have the lowest rank possible in the group, they will have no group privileges, but they will have the groups insignia. It is up to the Hegemon whether to promote them and make them a full member or not. The Hegemon can as per normal, remove the individual from the group at any time. If the group does not have Academy enabled, then prospective recruits may only request admission to the group and only if they meet the selected level requirements. If you are looking to expand your group, Academy is a generally a good idea because it allows you to bring in more potential recruits than you would otherwise get. That said, you will likely have to sift through quite a few rocks before you find a few gems.

Coalition Information Message

  • Make it Simple
  • State what kind of group you are
  • State what kind of member you are looking for
  • Stick to the important rules
  • If your Coalition belongs to a group of Coalitions, feel free to mention that

Making a good Coalition Information Message only goes so far, you will have to get people to click on your Coalition Information to even see it. The bottom line is that you are going to have to ask people to join your group. Just like any recruiting effort, be prepared for a lot of no's before you get some yes's. Ask everyone. Worst case is you get someone that doesn't live up to your standards and you kick them. As long as you never pass up your Hegemon title, you are supreme dictator, and your word is law. Sure you can give the illusion of a democracy and ask for input but there certainly aren't any in game mechanics for voting (April Fool's jokes aside) you out. Do remember though that while your members can't vote you out, they can vote with their feet and leave. The point is, don't hesitate to add someone if you have open slots because unless you plan to do all the upgrades on your own, you're going to want contributing members.

If you are going to ask people close to your city, ask active ones that hit back. Don't ask farms or potential farms. Farms are a liability and can "contribute" to your cause without being in your group if you take my meaning. Look for the player who hits you back or negotiates with you.

An alternative to active recruiting is to simply open your Coalition slots up as Academy slots. This will allow new players to be randomly selected for your group. You will have no guarantee of the kind of player you will get, but you will be able to train them and perhaps show them the value of being in your group instead of moving on to another one.

Basic Expansion

You start with 10 slots. Each expansion gives you a further 10 members. How fast you expand is up to you. Some players would prefer to get it over with as soon as possible and others would prefer to only expand when they've filled their current slots. Keep in mind that if you ever full fill your slots, nobody can apply to your group. It's generally good to stop one short so people can apply as you expand. Unfortunately for you, the Hegemon must apply the expansion and to do so they must have the necessary resources in their own storage. That means that you must first upgrade your storage and second gather the necessary resources.

Expansion Chart

Coalition Level

Cost (Each Resource)

Member Limit

Level 1



Level 2



Level 3



Level 4



Level 5



Level 6



Level 7



Level 8



Level 9



Level 10



Coalition Rank

Rank structure gives you a way to differentiate your players. Keep in mind that certain levels incur privileges that you may or may not want to share.

  • Hegemon of course has full privileges. Do not ever give up the post unless you either intend to give it up permanently or you have absolute trust in the player you give it to. Once done, they are effectively Hegemon and can just as easily kick you from your own group.
  • Polemarchs have recruiting privilege's in that they can approve, reject, and offer join requests to other players. They can also remove players from the group (below their rank) and promote/demote (again below their rank). Given the amount of control, Polemarch should be handed out to a few trusted individuals at best.
  • Commandant is considered a leadership role by many though it doesn't have the same privileges as a Polemarch. This is the generally the rank you will want to give out when you want to designate that someone has authority in the group without compromising the mechanics of the group.
  • The remaining ranks are generally yours to divvy up as you choose. There is little difference between the ranks apart from their ordering. The lowest ranks however will not be privy to the full unit counts on your Pantheons so have a care on promoting new members.

Ranks Ordering

  • Hegemon
  • Polemarch
  • Commandant
  • Standard-Bearer
  • Ambassador
  • Hippeus
  • Metic
  • Centurion
  • Citizen
  • Trainee
  • Scholar

Basic Maintainance

Set the minimum level in the Coalition Settings accessed from the Coalition Information Tab in the Embassy.

Set academy settings in the Coalition Settings accessed from the Coalition Information Tab in the Embassy.

Add a member either by accepting a current application on your Applicants tab in the Embassy.

You may also send out join invites to players via their City's menus. Sent requests are in the Invitations Tab of the Embassy.

Removing a member simply involves finding their name on the Coalition Roster in the Embassy and clicking the trash can next to their name.


The Statistics Tab of the Embassy provides a quick overview of your Coalition Troop Strength and Disposition. Statistics are available for Offense, Defense, and Scouting. Offense lists Rank, Name, Level, Position, Total Units, Total Offense and Gain/Loss. Total Units counts all offensive units the player has anywhere. Total Offense calculates the offense of all the players units. The Gain/Loss is how much their Total Offense has changed since the previous week. Similar statistics are listed for Defense and Scouts. The one addition is that on Defense there is a column listing how much of their defense is located on a Pantheon. If your group has Pantheon's this lets you quickly see who is contributing to Pantheon defense and who is not. Statistics does not list individual troop types, only a total number of all troops for offense, defense and scouting.

By default, only the Hegemon has access to the Statistics Page. However The gear icon allows the Hegemon to select other ranks who can see the numbers as well. Be careful who you give access to this information and where you share it outside the group as this clearly gives another group a snapshot of the strength and disposition of your group.

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