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Hear me and be afraid, wormfood of Darkshine.

I am Balur,

the Godslayer,

the Empty One,

the Dark God -

and I speak for the Marennon.

You came into this world screaming, for it was we who first whispered in your ear.

We are the true masters of Darkshine, the Nightmares of Weor that roamed Darkshine before there were eyes to see - and who come now to claim what it is ours by right.

Weor is dead by our hand, long rotten away. Eir's light fades with each passing day, soon to shine no more.

Your gods have forsaken you, and our children - the Black Horde - rise from the depths of Anhr'even.

Even now they move upon your pitiful Beacons - and they are hungry.

The last Day of Eclipse approached - and when the sun shines no more, know that the last light your eyes behold shall be the glow of your burning cities.

We are coming...

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