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The Logistic Center allows you to improve your Uranium, Titanium, and Resource production and earn rewards by inviting Friends.

Open the "Statistics" tab to invite your Friends and receive rewards!

   The more Friends you invite that join the game and reach Level 15, the bigger the rewards you will receive!

Construction Packs

Amongst the rewards, you will also find a special item – the Construction Packs. Use these Construction Packs to upgrade the Logistics Center and improve your Resource production. You may upgrade the building to a maximum level of 10, which will provide a 20% increase to your Resource production.

You can earn rewards for:

1. Inviting Friends to join the game. Bear in mind that you will only get one reward per player invited – repeat invites will not be counted.

2. Each Friend that joins the game.

3. Each invited Friend that reaches Level 15 in the game.

You may only build 1 Logistics Center. To build the Logistics Center, do the following:

1. Go to your Sector and click the "Construction" menu.

2. Open the "Resource" tab and select the Logistics Center.

3. Choose a place inside your Sector and start construction.

The Wasteland is waiting for you and your Friends!

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