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Location detector SI.png

Location Detector

This Item performs a thorough sweep of the surrounding desert, allowing you to detect new Locations that might otherwise have been missed by your Radar. If you’ve cleared out all your Locations for the day, just use this Item to discover 5 more Offensive and 5 more Defensive ones.

  • Note: This is a single-use Item and it can be applied once daily. The following day, your Radar will detect the standard number of Locations.
  • Location Detector can be used only once per day
  • Location Detector adds 5 Defensive and 5 Offensive Locations to your Radar.

You can't use this item if:

  • you have the max number of Locations on your Radar (24 Locations)
  • you haven't raided the first 4 Locations
  • you haven't built the Contracting Office and Radar.