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Leaving a Coalition

To leave you simply find your name on the Coalition's Roster in the Embassy and click the Trash Can Icon. Leaving is instantaneous.


Stepping Down as Hegemon

Sometimes it’s not possible for you to run the Coalition as Hegemon. Sometimes it’s the best decision for the Coaltion to step down as Hegemon. You can appoint another Hegemon by promoting an existing member of the Coalition to the rank of Hegeomn, which will reduce your rank to Polemarch. To do this, you must visit your Embassy, then the ‘My Coalition’ tab. On the Coalition Roster, locate the member you wish to promote, and then click their rank icon. Choose Hegemon and confirm.

Rank Selection

Merging Coalitions

If or when the time comes you wish to merge your Coalition with another, there are a few steps you need to take. Sparta does not provide an actual Coalition merge function so you should do the following steps. First is to communicate the change with your officers. A Coalition wide message should be sent out as soon as it is settled with your officers. The message should be honest and explain the situation in a way that informs the members of steps they need to take, if any to stay with the group. As with any merger, there will be people who agree with the merge and people who disagree with it. It may not be possible to make everyone happy. If you are using a Facebook group page, the page should be updated with a pinned post for all the members to see, with the steps that need to be taken, if any. Try not to alienate any members as these members could potentially bring your command methods or tactics to the enemy… troop numbers, strategy or internal documents, etc. Essentially one group will have to disband completely and the other group will have to accept the new members individually. All assets should be transferred before disbanding as otherwise Xerxes will reoccupy them.

Note: Any Pantheons will lose a level as they are transferred

Disbanding a Coalition

Disbanding the combine will involve removing all the members individually. Finally, you must remove yourself to disband the Coalition completely. Any held assets will be released and reoccupied by Xerxes, and Pantheons will be downgraded one level. If you are transferring assets, do so before you disband completely.

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