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You must have reached level 16 before you can join a Combine

You can join a Combine in the following ways:

  • Accept another player's invite to join a Combine. This is found in your Joint Ops Center under the Partners tab.
  • Send a request to join a Combine through that Combine's entry on the combines tab of the Joint Ops Center

You can only be a member of one Combine at a time


Consider messaging the CEO before applying. State why you feel you would be a good fit for their organization. Combines have only so many slots available. Most Combines worth joining will have some standards on who can join above the simple level restriction. For example, they may require raiding, daily activity, friend requests, minimum troop count, etc. It's a good idea to find out these things first and then apply if you think you still qualify.

If you don't care what group you join, you can submit invites to multiple Combines at one time. Only the first one that accepts you will count and any other acceptances will fail. A CEO that accepts the request of someone who is already in another Combine will see the request removed from their incoming requests but the individual will only temporarily appear to be added in group. Refreshing the page will show that the player was not actually added and the CEO can accept another application in it's place.

You can send a message to a Combine's CEO through the Combine's entry on the combines tab of the Joint Ops Center.

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