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To invade other player's Sector, choose the number and type of Troops you want to send. If you succeed, your Troops will invade the Enemy's Sector and you'll take a higher position in Invasion Rankings. Invasions can be overthrown in case the occupied player produces enough Troops or gets enough Reinforcements to defeat the occupying force's garrison. If your Sector has been invaded, you can still produce enough Troops to defeat the Invader or ask your Friends to send you Reinforcements. Invasion does not affect your Sector's life.

Invasion can be performed in three (3) ways:

Description From the Map
  1. Click «Map» in your Sector.
  2. Place the mouse cursor over the Sector you want to invade.
  3. Choose «Invade» on the Sector menu.

From inside the enemy's Sector:

  1. Visit the Sector of the player you want to invade.
  2. Click «Invade» on the «Actions» menu.

From the Command Center:

  1. Go to the Command Center.
  2. Open the «Send» tab.
  3. Choose «Invade» from the action list.
  4. Click «Invade».

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