Invasion Points

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Invasion Points

When a commander invades a sector, he is awarded points added to his current tally. These points are used to track who is invading the most sectors each week. The top tem places in the weekly competition receive crystals for their efforts.

*How do I get these points?
Invade NEW sectors. Let me elaborate. When you take a sector for the first time or without having held that sector within the previous week, you will receive points. If you lose the sector to another commander or get booted out by either the sector owner or someone coming to his rescue, you lose those points. You must recapture the sector and hold it through to the end of the competition cycle to keep your points.

*How come I didn't get any points for the sector I invaded?
You must not hold or have abandoned that particular sector previously within the current or previous week. If you have not held that sector for at least a full weeks of competition, you may invade it and try to hold it until the current weeks competition is complete.

*How come I lost my invasion points?
If you abandon or get kicked out of a sector you have invaded, the points you earned are now gone. You can reclaim that sector and get points again.

*How does the Hall of Fame work?
The only way you can hope to stay within the top ranks of the Hall of fame is to keep a tight hold on all sectors you have invaded. You will not receive more points that go towards the new weeks tally. The only way you can stay up on top of the Hall of Fame AND win a new week's competition is to find new sector to invade. That is not a popular thing to do.