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Intellect Points


Intellect points are new points in game. You can get points no many ways..

How to get them?


  1. You can get IP by doing Personal Quests(Events)

Do your personal quests, it's easy way too get EXP & IP, res. and many more good rewards !


2. You can get IP by doing Quests. Do your quests to get rewards. Quests sorted in few groups:

-Phylarch Quests

-Military Quests

-Agreements Quest

-Construction Quests

-Special Quests

3. You can get IP points in battles..

-Hitting Persians

-Attacking Pantheons/Capitals

-Attacking Cities/Emporiums etc

4. You can get IP points by doing Divine Quests.

Maximum Level

Maximum level is level 25.

In one word, you can get I. points on every place where you will get EXP points too.

For more informations, check Abilities.