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Infestations : A how-to guide for frustrated commanders in the field

Okay. There it is. It is either a hive, an abandoned facitiy, and old oil derick, or a crashed ship of some kind. It looks innocent enough, doesn't it commander? That's what they want you to think!

That place is swarming with infested mutants, troops, or scavengers alike. And the worst part? Whatever has infected them is nasty. REAL nasty. These infested creatures of various types fight back hard. REAL hard.

Now what?

  • Starting

When you start erradicating these sites, there aren't very many defenders there. But don't let that fool ya, commander. No, these things are tough. If you have never heard nor used the term "fodder", then get ready to learn. You MUST plan on losing some of your troops when wiping out these infestations, commander. It is going to happen. So, choose wisely on what units you send. You know you've got some troops you've been itching to get ri- ... er... utilize completely for a while now. Well, here ya go! Let them go out there in a blaze of glory!

Most low level infestations can be completely taken care of by using low level type troops in slightly elevated numbers as you progressly move up in infestation levels. After a few attacks you'll begin to get a picture in your mind what you'll need to send to wipe out an infestation.

  • Moderate

Infestations start taking a higher tole on your attacks when you get into the teens. You'll have to start either sending high amounts of forces or start using some of your shinier toys, commander. The choice is yours. The key is to finding the happy medium between power, quantity, and cost. You'll understand why this is the case the higher you go. Pretty soon you will start seeing a higher return on your investment. But be cautious commander. It is just like when you hit that winning streak at the Black Jack table. Pretty soon that good luck disappears and all those gains are gone from your greed.

  • High

Once you start attacking infestations around level 36 and above, you will definitely see an increase in higher returns. Where you can make fatal mistakes, however, is if you don't slow down. If you keep sending out those forces you just freed from the previous infestation without giving yourself some time to rebuild, you could lose everything you gained and more.

Patience is the key when you get to these increasingly more costly infestation raids. The temptation to keep sending wave after wave will end up costing you nearly all of those troops you spent months building up. I know, commander. All those ships...just...*clears throat*

But enough of that! You got some work to do!

Oh....and here's a little hint:

Remember all those dusty little troopers and lesser offensive units you have nearly forgotten about over the last several months from gaining the ability to make Fighters and Battle Cruisers? Yeah.....those. It might just be time to dust off those so called useless offensive units....those CHEAP TO BUILD *cough* units.....

Yeah. Those.

Hint Hint.



Commanders! New report coming in!

The science gerbils have come back with a few details on the infested sites, some of these units are more then just mutants, it seems some of them are renegade and defected soldiers who had previously thought to have gone missing. Be careful commander these units have obviously learned to survive in the harsh environs of the wasteland among mutants and the horrible radiation ( Its really not that bad, turned my skin a fine glowing green. ) and have managed to dig their heels into a few of these sites recruiting any and all other defectors. Reports indicate that some of them have even managed to increase the strategic defense value of some of these sites, be careful commanders, those broken field guns at an abandoned base, might not be so broken, so keep a sharp eye out. Reports also indicate that several of these sites are harboring captives against their wills and looted resources stolen from passing and 'missing' caravans. If possible you must leave them with -nothing- at all, seize all stolen resources, captives and exterminate all defectors and mutants, Since they have learned to jerry rig the command hubs for each site, there is a thick layer of electromagnetic static that will render recon images useless, so best to scout the old fashioned way before turning it into a smoking crater. Commanders I cannot stress caution enough,



As it turns out, using cyborgs has become a popular means for the common commander to compensate for the higher loss ratios associated with raiding infested sites. Since cyborgs do not cost commanders anything to develop and can be replenished up to 25 a day, several commanders have realized that they can truly benefit from them. It just takes forever.

One thing I will add, however. Your last attack better be a hefty amount of troops if you wish to carry back so many resources. I've gotten reports of commanders not altering their strategy early enough only to see a handful of troops limping back into their home sector with paltry amounts of much desired resources.

You need to use your brains commander. You've been through enough of this sort of thing. Don't get lazy on us now!


THIS JUST IN!! It appears by my calculations that the best overall lesser cost unit to use is actually the sleek and sexy Valkerie unit. While calculating the cost and associated level of offensive force for both the trooper and valkerie, the valkerie actually gives a slightly better amount of offensive force for raiding that the trooper at the same cost of the ever increasingly demanded titanium.

Yes, the combined costs in cluding uranium and credits would make the valkerie more expensive. However, the current state of the global economy would dictate otherwise. Send your girls out to whittle those infestations down!

Helloooooo NURSE!


Latest and greatest news!! As I have been hitting some fairly powerful infestation sites over the last few days, I have noticed a trend and matched my tactics to that trend. It all started with the level 47 infested site. I started working on this site by sending a couple of waves of lesser troops to weaken it. On my final strike, I sent everything I had at it. As it turns out, this worked very well in my favor. I gained in troops freed so well that it put me in the negative on credit rate growth.

Now, a negative credit rate would make any commander nervous. However, I saw it as an opportunity. If I have a negative credit rate of growth, that MUST mean I have "too many" troops (if there is such a thing). So I sent them out to work.

The succession of infestation hits, thanks to a suped up army, netted me very large quantities of freed units to replenish my losses and more almost every time. However, I never got back onto the positive side of the credit rate growth.

So I have kept it up. Finally at level 59, the credits are back in the black. So, I thought to my self about what should be my next step. Start the whole process over again. Since I no longer have "excessive" troop numbers, then I slow down, put my troopers and valkeries on build mode and get ready to whittle, whittle, strike once more.

As you can see in the Infestation Raid Results page, this tactic yielded me well. No. I will still refrain on specific types and numbers of troops used. You can't have that information unless you are allied with me. And, no. You can't.


Well. It was bound to happen. I hope you commanders can appreciate the sacrifices made for your intel reports. My last attack on a level 61 infestation nearly wiped out my offensive capabilities. The tactic I will share with you on this one is a DON'T. Do not use a massive amount of those really powerful Battle Cruisers without sending them in with alot of supportive other units. Those BCs are -apparently- easy pickings for mutants in infested sites unless you go in with a higher diversity.

I was fairly certain this would be the case and decided to test this theory. Seems I was correct. Seems I'm also out of commission for some time. I'm just glad I still got my defenses.

Yes, I realize I'm revealing a bit much about myself. But commanders, I hope you realize that I'm here to teach you....right AND wrong tactics. Be careful with your units. No need to waste them. Send them out wisely.


Listen up commanders. While taking a break from using infestation sites as a place to dirty my boots, I looked over reports and concerns from some of you as to the nature of what we can expect to find out there in these infestations. Well, frankly, - Sit down Private Frankly. *sneer*

As I was saying, frankly we don't have enough intel yet to make any infested site a "sure thing" as far as not losing more than we free up. As it turns out, it is a crap shoot up to a point. This is what we know:

1. Expect to lose troops. There is no way out this one. How much you lose is determined by how much you use. If I drew it graphically, you'd see a bit of a loss curve. You lose more the less you send. But you begin losing far less and a higher rate of survivability at some point at each level of infestation. We will call that the "sweet spot".

2. We have no idea what the "sweet spot" is at each level. With more commanders sending in data of their raids on infested sites, we can determine better what that amount of force needs to be used to calculate losses. The more we know, the better.

3. Troops and resources gained may not be consistent between commanders. We have no idea why. Some seem to have the "golden touch" while others got a fettid smell. While many commander may not wish to reveal specifics about their troops, we may have a solution to this dilema. If we begin calculating the total amount of offensive force used in the battle, this might help determine a relationship with rewards. But we need more data.

The bottom line is we need intel. We need results of Infestation Raids. We need them last week.

You have your assignment. Get to work soldiers.


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