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We've received a communicae from General Winters. Please read carefully!! We've got intell streaming in and we'll get it up as soon as we can commanders!



Well...there’s good news and bad news. The bad news:

This morning we began receiving distress signals from tech teams operating around active Infected Sites across the wasteland. They've been overrun. Some of these idiots have gotten themselves taken prisoner, while the others are holed up in fallback positions awaiting immediate evac. Looks like we’ve gotta go in after them, but we’ve got some choices - you may approach this mission Defensively or Offensively.

Defensive - The fallback positions will be identified in your mission interface as “Green” or “Friendly” infestations - Refugee Camps, Settlements, Observation Posts, and Extraction Zones. To defend them, dispatch defensive reinforcements to the location. This are all HOT LZs, Commanders! Upon their arrival they will immediately come under fire. After each enemy engagement, they will withdraw back to your Sector. Repeat until all successive waves of hostiles are destroyed - the last man out will destroy the evacuation site to keep it out of enemy hands.

Offensive - Some engineers are being held in the existing Infestations, indicated as "Red" in your mission interface. I believe you already know how to deal with this.

Incoming questions from the field! STAND BY!!

Q: Are the rewards the same for the defensive infestations? -- Unknown commander

From General Winters:

[begin transmission]

DEFENSE REWARD MECHANICS - The rewards are EXACTLY like the offensive infestations. Same algorithm. It doesn't even look at what unit-type your attacking with when calculating the rewards, just the combined resource value (T,U,C) of the units lost during the attack. However, seeing as how defensive units are generally less expensive per unit, you'll probably need more of them to get the same value - so take that into account.

For example:

1 Interceptor = 1500 T + 3700 U + 2300 C = Total Value: 7500

1 Fighter = 9500 T + 5700 U + 3800 C = Total Value: 19,000

So you'd need to lose about 2.5 Interceptors to get the same reward calculation input earned from losing 1 Fighter - this will mean that for the NUMBER of units, the payout will seem smaller, but if you look at home much you're spending on these units overall - it's the same.

[end transmission]

Interesting. Looks like we've got some experiementing to do. Let's see if those scientists are worth all the proposed effort and resources. Get to it commanders! DISMISSED!

Another incoming tramsmission from the General, sir!

[begin transmission]




It seems many of you are stuck with a Mission Infestation you don't want, aren't equipped to deal with, or are just generally frustrated. Here's some additional information on how it works, and how to get your choice.


First of all, the mechanics try to make you have the same number of attacking and defensive infestations total (out of 24 possible), so the type of any next location will be the type with the least number of active locations. Then, it checks if you have the max possible level of this type... if you don't, then it adds one as a mission infestation. If you do, it will add a non-mission location with some random level.

USER EXAMPLE: This user is stuck with only a Defensive Infestation Mission to select, and doesn't have the defensive forces to expend. He wants to get the option of hitting an Offensive Mission.


"I just want to make sure I get this right, to get my 'choice' of missions. I need 12 of each to show up to get the choice? so, being on a D only mission now, I should go to 13 D, 11 O then finish the D 'mission'. This will make me 12 and 12, giving the choice?"


So, in your case, you have 12 attacking and 12 defensive and the highest level is only defensive if you kill that, it will give you another highest level defensive location. If you kill offensive, it will add you another highest level (mission) offensive infestation. So - yes keep knocking down offensive NON-MISSION ones and you'll get the option to go after a MISSION offensive one. Do that, and you should start getting more offensive missions ones. That should tip it back.


Don't go after the defensive one. Knock out a low-level offensive site and you should have the option pop up next to the existing defensive mission one. If you want to get offensive missions, keep hitting offensive. If you want defensive, keep hitting defensive. If you want to switch, hit low level sites of the category you want.

Please spread this information to anyone you know who's having trouble. Help your battle buddies out.

Gen. Trevor Tornado Winters STRATCOMM ..

[end transmission]

Alright commanders. You heard the General! MOVE IT! MOVE IT! MOVE IT!!!!

Tactics for Defense Sites

Take a knee, commanders. After a very grueling series of incredibly powerful battles, intel has been streaming in from a few commanders about the best tactics to use on these sites.

As predicted, the mutants have been coming at us hard and in vast numbers. Using the intelligence provided from General Winters on the nature of these beasts' tactics and how to maximize on rescuing as many troops and engineers as possible, we determined that we are saving considerably more than we're losing in these battles.

The engineers we save have a direct benefit to all commanders in the field with the research they can accomplish. The rescued resources, troops, and military equipment that commanders recover typically outweighs their losses. Yes, there are times when there simply are no units we can salvage for whatever reason. But those sites are few and far between. There have been a few cases where commanders seems to get the unlucky draw and keep hitting sites with no equipment to find. We'll have to chalk those up to battle experience and simply move on to the next objective.

There are a few commanders, however, that have deemed fit to send every last man and machine they have in their sector to have an all out toe to toe battle with these vermin. These commanders understand full well the risk they are taking in sending men and equipment into Oblivion with little to no hope of return. But they also understand that this is war and going "all in" sometimes is the best tactic to use.

From these particular battles we've learned that for all the ruin and devistation an army takes, there are so many more out there who are SO moved by such a reckless abandon to sacrifice in order to save so many, they will themselves be willing to martyr themselves in the next coming battle to do the same that was done for them. These armies are full of the bravest and boldest warriors we've ever seen. So many have given everything to serve their fellow man and the cause of saving this planet.

We are proud of the warriors and those who command them for giving it all they can. With their undying spirit passed on to those they save and serve, this war will be won!

That is all, commanders. Dismissed.

  • How much is that doggy in the window?

Cyberdogs. Not oly are they fun to play with, they breed like cyber rabbits. So you can train many of them. And they are pretty damn affordable too! Another nice thing about them is that they have a fairly balanced effect on the battle field against the four types of enemey troops you'll encounter, with a slightly better advantage concerning infantry and artillery types. But when you go and train the in the thousands, they are a terrifying source of power to be reckoned with, especially if you are an attacking mutant. Go on....try it. You might like it!

  • You want to do what with what??

Use your offense on defensive sites to reap better than average rewards. Do this in understanding that they will get torn to shreds far worse than your defense. But they are more valuable and will, therefore, trigger higher rewards thanks to the calculations in the rewards system for infestations. You do not have to have alot of offense to send with your defense. In fact, it probably better that you don't. Those troops counts that are higher seems to be taking the majority of the beatings from the mutants attackers. So, make sure you beef up on cheaper troops in large numbers to help offset the losses. You should lose some offense in the battles, but those losses are worth much, much more.

  • Diversity rules!

I highly diversive fighting force tends to do much better than a force comprising of only a few types of troops. Remember that the mutants that attack defensive sites are grouped up from the 4 types of fighters: Infantry, Armor, Artillery, and Air. Their numbers vary from site to site in how many of each type will attack. If you wish to see which types are going to come at you in larger amounts, send in a small attachment of cyborgs first to determine what the enemies ratios are in attack force. Then you can adjust your defending troop counts accordingly.

You may wish to send in mostly the types that are strong against the largest amount of mutant types. Or, you may wish to send in enough fodder that will buckle easily under that particular type to earn you more value towards your reward. Or you may just throw caution to the wind and send everything you got, including the kitchen sink. (I use an old light tank fuel capsule for my sink, go figure. Don't judge.)

Good luck, commanders.

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