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Bonus Task - Hire an Engineer


Hire an Engnieer Intro

Time isn't a luxury your operation can afford in Zandia. If you want to stay one step ahead of the competition, consider hiring additional Combat Engineers to speed up your development.

Each additional Combat Engineer you hire gives you one extra simultaneous building construction and upgrade queue. They're your Diamonds, so it's your call - here's how to get them started...

Mission Objectives

Hire an Engineer Instructions

To hire a Combat Engineer, click the green wrench and hammer icon below the top menu bar. View your Combat Engineer's purchase price and click the 'Purchase' button.

Note: Combat Engineer is and cannot be built with standard resources.

Combat Engineers

Be advised: A total of 3 additional Combat Engineers can be purchased. Each Combat Engineer becomes progressively more expensive.



Completing the Bonus Task - Hire A Combat Engineer will reward the Player with 100 Experience points

Completion Text

Conditional prerequisite

Bonus Task - Hire A Combat Engineer is only available if the Player has not already purchased 3 additional Combat Engineers. Once this limit has been reached, this task will no longer become attainable in the Bonus Task rotation.