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Good hint to save your island.

If someone would like to blockade your haven and you do not have a lot of defensive units but have a good amount of offensive units, then the next tactic is helpful:

1. Check time when enemy is attacking your haven

2. Before attack (few minutes early ) move your attack force out (by attacking small islands near you). Keep in mind that your force should be out before blockade starts.

3. Don’t worry if the enemy blockades your island. Wait for offensive forces to return.

4. Take a look how your offensive forces unblock your heaven by killing enemy attack forces (This is easy task)

Some players like to send two waves: first with offensive tasks (for killing your defense), second one with defense units (for keeping your haven blockaded). In this case your offensive units should be back between waves.

Systematic Searching for Farms

Go Full Screen on the map and position 2 havens on your screen. One method is to divide the area into 4 quadrants, with your haven being at the center, like Capt O'Malley is for the game. Once you have the 2 Havens on your screen, use the arrows to move up or down. Pick a distance to go in your search, say 100 miles. Once you reach 100 miles, use the left or right arrows to line up the 2 havens to the right or left. Then, use the down arrow to scroll through those, stopping at the line your haven is on. Example: Your Coordinates are 50, 50. You would stop at 50, then go to the next 2 to the right or left, depending on the way you have chosen. When you run out of Dutchman to send, write the coords down of the haven you are on so you can come back and continue where you left off. Generally, 1 Dutchman is enough to find inactive havens of people who quit.

Quick Guide to 50k resource capacity raid parties

This is a quick list of how many of the same unit you need to carry 50k resources when you raid. If you dont have enough of the same type unit, you can just mix and match and do a bit of math.

2500 Marauders

1516 Buccaneers

834  Marines
345  Bombadiers
210  Cannoneers
200  Luggers
 95  Brigantines
 69  Frigates
 67  Schooners
 40  Ships of the Line
 31  Juggernauts

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