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Hamlets are sequel to the earlier Settlements. Your Eagle's Nest can locate them and you can occupy them and take away resources! Though, the Hamlets do not work completely the same as Settlements did. This will be explained below.

Where one finds Hamlets:

You can find hamlets at your Eagle's Nest. Once you met the requirements, as shown below, you can capture 1 (Max. 3) Hamlets. It should show you the following: LocationHamlets.png

Hamlet Variations:

  • Prospector's Hamlet:
This Hamlet carries a big amount of gold. Occupy this Hamlet if you're in need of some coin!
  • Ironmonger's Hamlet:
This Hamlet is more of the iron. Conquer this Hamlet to refill your lack of the steel!
  • Farmer's Hamlet:
This Hamlet holds a big amount of food. If you're being deserted, this could be a great solution!
  • Jeweler's Hamlet:
This Hamlet is probably the most favored. It carries a decent amount of Sapphires, but behold: You will not be the only one attempting to conquer it!
  • Craftsman's Hamlet:
This Hamlet is favored by your Vampiric Units as it carries a big amount of Maranian Amulets.

Information about Hamlets:


  • Location:
This will provide you with information where the hamlet is located and how big the distance is between you and the hamlet.
  • Remaining Resource:
This displays how much resources are left in the hamlet.
  • Attacking:
You can attack Hamlets. To do so, you need to send offensive Units only. If you launch an attack, you can fight against the Hamlet owner and take out their units stationed there, but no resources will be collected.
  • Capturing:
To Capture a Hamlet you will need Ox Carts, special Resource collectors. You automatically have 3 Ox Carts available to you. You can increase the number of Ox Carts available to you, and thus the maximum amount of Hamlets you can capture, by using your Skull Runes in the Obelisk of Power (Upgrade the “Maximum Settlements and Hamlets”).
Important! Ox Carts are not units, you don’t need to send them to the Hamlets. They just allow you to capture more Hamlets.
If allies or members of the same league try to capture a Hamlet simultaneously, the first player to reach the Hamlet will Capture it. The units of other league members or allies return to their Castles.
  • Spying:
It'd be wise to spy before you conquer a Hamlet! You never know how many defensive units are in there.
  • Unoccupied Hamlet:
This indicates that the Hamlet is currently unoccupied.
  • Occupied Hamlet:
This indicates that the Hamlet is occupied.

Upon Capturing:

You need to send both Offensive and Defensive units to Capture a Hamlet. Offensive units fight for the Hamlet and then are automatically sent back to the Catacombs if you are successful. Defensive units remain stationed at the Hamlet for resource collection purposes. If the battle is lost, the remaining units of both types report to your Catacombs.

  • Offense:
  • Defense:
  • Ox Carts:

Resource Collection:

Collecting Rate:

It depends on the level of the specific Lost Art. Upon the release of Hamlets, all the players received the new Dominion Lost Art, researched at the first level. The speed at which your defensive Units will harvest Resources is determined by the upgrade level of Dominion Lost Art at the moment the Hamlet is captured. Thus, you need to upgrade the Lost Art BEFORE capturing a Hamlet if you want to increase Resource collection speed.

Amount of Resources:

It depends on the carrying capacity of the defensive Units stationed at the Hamlet. Having collected as many Resources as their carrying capacity will allow*, the Units automatically return to the Catacombs.

Recalling Units:

The Units you have stationed will automatically return to your Сatacombs with the goods as soon as they have fully loaded. However, you can recall the defensive Units stationed at a Hamlet before they are the loading is complete. If you do this, they will return to your Catacombs with the Resources they had managed to load, and the Hamlet becomes vacant - that is, you will no longer occupy it and will have to Capture it again if you wish to maintain control of it.

If you want to recall only some portion of the Units stationed there, you can do so, and they will come back empty-handed, leaving the Resources collected at the Hamlet with their fellow soldiers that you didn’t recall. But if the amount of Units you want to recall would leave too few Units to carry the Resources loaded at the Hamlet back, ALL Units stationed at that Hamlet will return - bringing the goods collected with them.


Although both amounts are determined by the Unit’s carrying capacity, some Resources are heavier than others - Sapphires, for example. Your Units will be able to carry fewer Sapphires for every bit of carrying capacity than they will Food.


You require having the House of Lords, as this will give you the opportunity to capture Hamlets.

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