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The Hall of Xenia building further bolsters the benefits of inviting your friends to play providing you with rewards and permanent bonuses to production.

 Hall of Xenia


The building has 10 Levels. Each level increases your production of all basic resources (Timber, Bronze, and Grain) by a further 1% starting at 2% for level 1. Upgrading it requires a small amount of basic resources and a certain amount of a new currency termed "Tokens".

Inviting Friends

On the Statistic page you will find a purple button that allows you to Invite your Friends. For every 10 Friends you Invite, you gain 10 Tokens and 10 Hoplites. If a friend accepts your invite, you gain 3 Tokens, 3 Myrmidon's, 1000 of each Basic Resource, and a Cache. For each invited friends that reaches level 15 in the game, you will earn a further 5 Tokens, 5000 of each Basic Resource, 1 Cache, a Activator Token for your Dominion Status, and 10 Dominion Points.

The statistics tab also allows you to track your (invited) friends progress in game at the bottom of the page.

Hall of Xenia Statistics Tab

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