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Global Missions

Global Mission.jpg

General Information

Global Missions are special quests which allow you to cooperate with other Captains to complete global objectives.

Participation is optional, however the outcome of each Global Mission can alter the game storyline, result in permanent changes to the Seven Seas, and unlock rewards or new game features for participating players.

Participation in Global Missions will usually require Captains to take on dangerous adventures collecting as many Mission items as possible by attacking or defending Prizes. After Captains attack or defend a Prize, the Mission items you've collected will be transferred to the Brethern Court.

All Global Missions are voluntary, but if successful, all participating Captains will be rewarded in proportion to their contribution.


All Captains are divided into Classes to their respective Level:



Professional ;




Rsz gm 1.png

Your reward from Global Missions depends on which Class you belong to when you engage in the Mission.

Thus, even novice players who occupy the top positions in their Class can received large rewards - not just the old salty Captains. You and your fellow Captains are divided into Classes before each Global Mission, and you will remain locked in that Class bracket for its duration, even if you rise a level up during the mission.

No current Global Missions

If there are any current Global Missions, you will see an icon above the Friends Panel. Click on the arrow to view the following info:

-Global Mission name;

-Your bracket in the class Rankings;

-Overall percentage of the Mission completed;

-Total number of Mission items collected;

-Your contribution towards the Mission;s completion.

Click on the Mission icon above your Friends panel to view detailed Mission information. The Mission window has 2 tabs.

The first tab contains:

-Global Mission description;

-Your contribution to Mission completion,along with the overall percentage of the Mission completion,time remaining, etc.;

-Your current reward for items collected;

-Your next reward, along with the required number of items required to received it.

The second tab displays your current Class and position. From here you can also view the whole Class Ranking system according to different player's Level.


General Information

Attack or defend Prizes to earn Idols. You can use Idols to purchase the unique Sketches required to train new Steam Units and alter game features. Go to the Smuggler's Den, open the "Idols" tab and select the item you wish to purchase. Rsz idols 1.png

How to earn

You can only earn Idols by attacking or defending Prizes during active Global Missions.

You cannot purchases them using Rum, Lumber, Gold or Rubies.

Exchange possibility

You also cannot exchange them or send them as a gift to other players.

Idols protection

Other players cannot raid Idols from your Haven.


You can use Idols to purchase unique Sketches, which are required to train Steam Units and other game features.

Once you have collected enough Idols, go to the Smuggler's Den, open the Idols tab and select an item you wish to purchase.

Check the Smuggler's Den to view the full list of items and game features you are able to purchase.