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  • Introduction of a new streamlined system of competitive military interaction between Commanders - Global Tournaments!

Global Tournaments are a chance to show off your skills and demonstrate your superiority over rival Commanders! Participation in Global Tournaments usually requires Commanders to take on dangerous missions, collecting as many Tournament Points as possible by completing various objectives. The Tournament Points you've collected will be tallied by the Syndicate. All Commanders who succeed will be rewarded based on the amount of Points they’ve scored.

All Commanders are divided into Classes according to their respective Level: Novice, Amateur, Professional, Veteran, Master, and Expert. Your reward from Global Tournaments depends on which Class you belong to when you engage in the mission.

There are several types of Global Tournaments:

Mining Complex Takeover

This Tournament takes the battle from the arena into the Global Map. You will need to conquer and hold Mining Complexes in order to earn Tournament Points, and the number of Tournament Points you ultimately collect depends on how many Units you take down at Mining Complexes.

Contract Contest

Commanders don't need to demonstrate their battlefield strength here, but their intelligence. Negotiating and upgrading Contracts will earn you Tournament Points. The more time a Contract takes to negotiate or upgrade, the more Tournament Points you'll score!

Construction Contest

Behind every strong army, there is a well-developed Base. Construct and upgrade buildings in your Base to get Tournament Points. The longer a building takes to construct or upgrade, the more Tournament Points you'll get for it! Whoever makes the most progress wins!

PvP Warfare


Battle other Commanders to get Tournament Points. The more of their troops you take down, the more Points you'll get. It doesn't matter whether you're on the offensive or defensive side. The more Points you rack up, the bigger your rewards at the end of the Tournament!

Location Annihilation

In this Tournament, Commanders are tasked with engaging ZHG in as many Locations across Zandia as they can. The higher the Location level, the more Tournament Points you get for clearing it - and the more Tournament Points you collect, the bigger the rewards you stand to earn!

NOTE:You can access Global Tournaments via the brand new Icon in the bottom left corner of your screen.