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Global Contracts

Global Contracts are Special Missions which allow you to cooperate with your fellow Commanders in order to complete Global Objectives. Participation is optional, however the outcome of each Global Contract can alter the Zandian storyline, result in permanent changes to the game map, and unlock rewards or new game features for participating players.

Participation in Global Contracts will usually require Commanders to take on dangerous missions collecting as many Contract items as possible by attacking or defending Zheng-Shi locations. After Commanders attack or defend Zheng-Shi locations, the Contract items you've collected will be forwarded to the Syndicate. All Global Contracts are voluntary, but if successful, all contributing Commanders will be rewarded in proportion to their contribution.

All Commanders are divided into Classes according to the respective Level: Novice, Amateur, Professional, veteran, Master, and Expert. Your reward from Global Contracts depends on which Class you belong to when you engage in the mission. Thus, even novice players who occupy the top positions in their Class can receive large rewards - not just the experienced players. You and your fellow Commanders are divided into Classes before each Global Contract and you will remain locked in that Class bracket for its duration, even if you level up during the Mission!

Influence Points

You can only earn Influence Points (IPs) by attacking or defending Zheng-Shi locations during active Global Contracts. You cannot purchase them using Munitions, Fuel, Rations or Diamonds. You also cannot exchange them or send them as a gift to other players. Other players cannot raid IPs from your Base. You can use IPs to purchase unique Referrals, which are required to train the Syndicate Tactical Assault (TAG) Units, ARES Units and other game features. Once you've collected enough IPs, go to the Black Market, open the "IPs" tab, and select an item you wish to purchase.

Currently there are two game improvements you can purchase for IPs. First is +10 Contact slots for 50 IPs. Contacts are your method of bookmarking other player bases and recording information. Find your current contact list in your Command Center. You may also purchase +10% Convoy Carry Capacity improvements for 50 IPs. Other improvements are likely to be released soon, so keep checking back.

Global Contract Information Tooltip

If there are any current Global Contracts, you will see an icon above the Friends Panel. Click on the arrow to view the following info:

  • Global Contract name
  • Your bracket in the Class Rankings
  • Overall percentage of the Contract completed
  • Total number of Contract items collected
  • Your contribution towards the Contract's completion

The second tab displays your Class and position in the class. You can also see the whole Class Ranking System for different player levels.

Note: Global Contracts have been merged in to the new Global Tournaments style on June 5th, 2015

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