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Genetics Lab in Total Domination

You must build the Genetic Lab to use and store Serum.

All Serum you gain is stored in the Cold Storage facility at the Genetic Lab. To view a Serum's attributes, simply place your cursor over it. To use any Serum place it into any open Activation Slot on the Activation Board.

Serums are permanent and will continue to grant bonuses until replaced or removed.

After activation, you can move Serums back to Cold Storage only with the help of a special tool - the Auto-Injector, which can be purchased at the Black Market.

To build the Genetics Lab:

  • Go to your Sector
  • Click the "Construction" button
  • Open the "Command" tab and select the Genetics Lab
  • Choose an area inside your Sector and start building.

Build the Genetics Lab to store and use your recovered Serums, Cryonic Containers, and Auto-Injectors!

Here you can also fuse Serums together to receive even larger bonuses for your Units.

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