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Fuel Repository

  • There are four separate ranges of Fuel Repositories. A commander can only see and compete for those Repositories that are with their range.
  • Occupying a Fuel Repository allows a player to harvest extra Fuel.
  • You will need BOTH Offensive and Defensive Troops to Capture a Fuel Repository, but Defensive Troops will NOT engage in the battle. All surviving Offensive Troops will be automatically returned to your Bunker.
  • When a Commander has successfully captured the Repository, Defensive Troops will start gathering Resources there. The number of Resources that they can gather depends on their carrying capacity. The more Defensive Troops you send, and the bigger their carrying capacity, the more Resources you can collect.
  • Collection notifications will show up in the player's Reports under the Convoys tab.

Repository Statistics

Location Name Max Resources
Fuel Repository - Level 0 - 39 FUEL REPOSITORY - Level 0 - 39 90,000
Fuel Repository - Level 40 - 54 FUEL REPOSITORY - Level 40 - 54 180,000
Fuel Repository - Level 55 - 69 FUEL REPOSITORY - Level 55 - 69 240,000
Fuel Repository - Level 70+ FUEL REPOSITORY - Level 70+ 240,000