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Like Décor, Fortifications are minor visual improvements purchasable with Drachmas. Fortifications include walls, gates, and towers. All fortifications must be added to the designated Fortification slots to the Southeast and Southwest of your city. Once you have filled all the slots, you will be unable to move your fortifications around without destroying one first. You may have a maximum of two gates. The gate locations are fixed and

Active vs. Passive Defense

  • Active Defense - Towers and Units are considered Active Defense. This means that when an enemy attacks, they will engage the enemies and all defense bonuses will be applied. Towers will only engage if they are repaired.
  • Passive Defense - Walls, Gates, and Décor are considered Passive Defense. This means that when an enemy attacks, if there is no Active Defenders, the Passive Defenders will not engage the Enemy.
  • Scout Reports - When you scout a city successfully, they report includes all Active Defense including Towers. If there are no defenders present, then even if they City has level 5 Walls and Gates filling all slots, there will be no loss to the attackers.


Walls are Passive Defense. You may fill all wall slots with walls if you choose.


Towers may be positioned anywhere a wall can. You may have a maximum of 20 Towers. Towers are Active Defense. Towers are also considerably more powerful than equivalent level walls. The down side is that once destroyed, they must be repaired before they will participate in combat again. Towers take some time to repair, but your friends can instantly repair one tower a day for you.


You may have a maximum of two gates. Gates are Passive Defense. The gate slots are fixed and your only decision is which if either you wish to use.


Unlike Décor, Fortifications can be upgraded. When upgrading, you do not pay full price for the replacement Fortification. Instead you pay the net difference between the current level's cost and the new level's cost. For instance if you spent 200 Drachmas to buy your current level Fortification and the next level Fortification costs 300, you will only pay the 100 Drachma difference for the upgrade. All Walls, Towers, and Gates can be upgraded to a maximum Level 5 but only after you have unlocked the ability to do so via the corresponding Agreements.

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