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Food is a resource which is needed for purchasing, building and upgrading.


Each castle has six farms that produce food. Food can also be acquired from raids, trading at the market, killing a limited amount of boar around your castle or other players caastles. Players may send gifts of food. A Player may not send more than 50k per week of resources to another individual. Production can be enhanced temporarily with saphires or permanently by building and upgrading the Spring of Life,


  • Units
  • Construction
  • Lost Arts
  • Upgrading
  • Consumption
  • Maintenance

Requirements vary between each type and each level, each level requires more resources than the previous level. Buildings and units require food for consupmtion and maintainence, as well as purchasing and building;, the Town Hall window shows the consumption on an hourly basis. If the consupmption and maintennace run food into negative figures for too long causing the food to run out, troups will starve and die.


Up to three barns can be built for storing food. Excess food from raids will be wasted if it takes the barn beyond it's capacity. Fifty percent of the barns storage capacity is kept safe from raids at all times.