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Many of active participants of the game community have recently raised a question why there has been implemented the 3% barrier for receiving experience points when defending against enemies.

This post is meant to clear this point.

Taking part in battles is a key aspect of the game in terms of earning experience. But at the same time players are interested in receiving “effortless” experience with minimal losses. In the past many players were taking advantage of the ability to “push” their experience using so called “bot” accounts. The scheme was the following: “bot” accounts sent 1 infantry unit in multiple attacks. As a result of such action players did not sustain losses but gained 1 point of experience in each attack. So defending against 10000 infantry units sent in multiple attacks could bring them 10000 points of experience within the shortest period of time.

Since the Stormfall community and the game administration is and has always been in favor of fair gameplay the new mechanics for Experience Points has been released to eliminate the opportunity to “push” experience by dishonest means.

Another question is concerned the changes in the mechanics of experience for attacking forces. Players used to be able to receive experience based mainly on the quantity of the units killed rather than their quality type. When killing 10,000 infantry units with an average defense rating of 10,000 * 22 = 220,000, players received 10,000 XPs, and if he or she destroyed 1,000 Bestiary units with an average defense rating of 881,25; a player was able to receive 4,000 XPs. This may seem unfair for those who manage to destroy high valued army.

Therefore, the mechanics has significantly been reviewed to focus mainly on the characteristics of the troops killed.

  To take maximum advantage of the new mechanics you should remember the KEY POINTS:

1. Experience points are proportionate to the strength of destroyed troops.
2. You will receive less experience points if you conduct smaller battles.
3. Experience points are counted for all units without exception.
4. You will also receive experience points for intelligence gathering.
5. You might not get experience points for small battles if defending.

Let the fair battles take place and the deserved experience go to the Lords and Ladies of Stormfall!

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