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New Feature - Engage Hostiles!

Engage Hostiles

Monitor All Military Operations From One Place! Here at the Syndicate we’ve been keeping close tabs on all military activity. Commanders, your troops tend to remain idle for longer than we deem necessary. There's a war in Zandia. And the most expensive resource here is... time! As a precautionary measure, I've commissioned some of our best engineers to improve your efficiency.

These experts have developed the new "Engage Hostiles" feature to simplify all your military action!

You can access this streamlined operation management project by clicking the new "Engage Hostiles" button in the bottom-left corner of your screen.

Starting now, all quests and contracts requiring military action will be displayed together in one place! Manage your military action and keep track of all ongoing or available missions, including PvP Ops, Search and Destroy Missions and Global Contracts, under the "Ops Board" tab.

You will also be able to monitor and keep tabs on all your rivals under the "Enemies" tab. Use this feature to plan and carry out retaliatory raids, or pre-emptive attacks on enemy Bases. Remember: get them, before they get you!

Back to work, Commanders!

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