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In the times before the HDS-2 plague that ravaged our world… before the brutal civil war that followed, and before Morgana rose from the ashes to lead the Mutants, there was once a great empire. Buried in the abandoned ruins of the Wasteland are clues to what befell us; and some say that there are those with links to the past still walking the wastes beyond the sectors...

Feature Description:

New Campaign Missions have been added to the Battlefield! Destroy and defend Infested Sites to unlock special new Campaign Locations, meet new Total Domination characters, uncover the Wasteland’s history, and get exclusive new Rewards!

By completing these Campaign Missions you will have the capability to:

  • Receive the new limited Imperial Class of Units for your Army. These advanced variants have a reduced Credit consumption in comparison to regular variants. Imperial Units may only be obtained following the successful completion of Campaign Missions and Global Missions, and are not available via Military buildings or from the Black Market!
  • Gain access to exclusive new storyline content
  • Earn experience points
  • Acquire Imperial Fleet Battle Group (FBG) Units, and much more!
  • There are 24 levels for each type both Defense and Offense with each level having a fixed amount that you win.

Do note that unlike normal Infestations these sites do not work on a Banking system. All payouts are the same for each player, and there is no time limit to complete them.


If you missed out on the chance to read through the storyline from all the missions... Fear not! Below is all the transmissions for all missions, back and forth!

Click the [Expand] button to display the storyline dialogue.

Mission 1-5
Mission Picture Transmissions
Mission 1: "The Kindness of Strangers"
Mission 1
Starting Transmission Finishing Transmission
Hey! Yo! Yeah, you! Soldier boy! You're in charge here, right? What kind of operation are you running!? Me and my team stop in this dump for 5 minutes to fix up our ride, I grab a drink, come back, and your goons at the Black Market sell my ride and my team to a band of raiders! Hey, come back! Look, I can pay - I'm on official STRATCOM business, and so are they. Top clearance. Now, they've only been gone a few hours - they couldn't have gotten far. There are three of them – Murdock, Charlie, and Fluffy. Bring them back, and Gen. Winters will make it worth your while. We can get Winters on the line if you want. Your call. Not a bad start, Big Guns, but I'm pretty sure I said "three people," right? Because Murdock makes one. Ok, we'll just have to go back out for the other two. Oh, and it's cool if he crashes with you, right? I mean, you've got a barracks here. He can fix pretty much anything - but he's a little, um, eccentric. Buuuut you live in an armored chicken coop in an irradiated desert... I'm sure you'll get along. My name's Neela, by the way, I'll tell Winters to authorize your compensation now.
Mission 2: "Wouldn't Wish it on a Dog"
Mission 2
Starting Transmission Finishing Transmission
Ok, ok, I get what happened… I didn't tell you Charlie is a 60 ton tank, and Fluffy isn't technically a person. Right, so check it out - Charlie is a 60 ton tank and Fluffy is a Cyberdog. He's taller than you, eats people... can't miss him. You've got to bring them back – the Tank was a sweet sixteen present, and Fluffy is Gen. Winters' personal pet... and a commissioned STRATCOM officer. I'm serious. You know the general. Oh, come on - it'll be fun! Fluffy! Who's a good boy? Thash right - you are! Oh, yesh you are! Who ate those mean ol' slavers? Yes you did! Thank you soldier boy, me and ol' slimer here go waaay back. Charlie can take care of himself for now, but get a team ready - I'm not leaving him in enemy hands.
Mission 3: "The Black Horse"
Mission 3
Starting Transmission Finishing Transmission
What the- those raiders are planning to use Charlie in a desert race? Charlie?! He's a Series TR 550 Semi-Autonomous Main Battle Tank! A decorated combat veteran! The shame will kill him! Ok – we're pulling him out, now. Soldier boy, distract the raiders long enough for me to reach Charlie. I'll do the rest. Soldier boy, meet Charlie. Charlie, this is soldier boy. We've been through a lot together, and this bad boy comes fully loaded: 150mm plasma cannon, bio-shield, personality core, AC, beer fridge, and gaming console. Isn't that right, Chucky-boy? You're just a girl's best friend, aren't ya? Ok, so down to business. Since you're helping in an official capacity, I'll need to talk to your radar team. Gen. Winters sent me to investigate some weird readings we've been getting from outside of the Cocoon – maybe your team's noticed any atmospheric anomalies? Maybe something strange coming up on orbital scans?
Mission 4: "Incoming"
Mission 4
Starting Transmission Finishing Transmission
Holy- did you see that? Something just punched through the Cocoon. This is it! Hey, mouth-breather - keep the mutants off my back while I investigate. This may be what I'm looking for. Yeeeah that's not good. There's a reentry pod dug into the bottom of the crater. Old Imperial markings. There's too much mutant activity to dig it out now. Look, big guy, I gotta report this. Fluffy - stay! I'll be back for him, and he better be in one piece when I do. See you on the Wastes.
Mission 5: "Homecoming"
Mission 5
Starting Transmission Finishing Transmission
Wastelander! Can you hear me? My landing has attracted some unwanted attention... I'm trapped inside my ship. Kill these mutants and you won't find me ungrateful. If my access code to the old STRATCOM network still works, you'll find that I am more than able to compensate you. Amazing... your tribe has preserved some basic grasp of technology. Thank you, primitive - it seems much has changed in my absence. Come! You may take me to your tribal elder or shaman later, now we have work to do.
Mission 6-10
Mission Picture Transmissions
Mission 6: "Soldiers and Scientists"
Mission 6
Starting Transmission Finishing Transmission
By the Emperor, the mutants - they're magnificent! The HADES nano-assemblers have adapted them to their new environment perfectly! High radiation tolerance, moisture retention, short reproductive cycle - they've evolved at an incredible rate since my departure. Primitive one, I'll need you to bring me some tissue samples to continue my work. What I learn may very well help you fight them. Excellent! There seems to be a correlation between cranial index and nanosynthetic hypothalamus deviations. They're getting smarter at a rate that can't be explained by natural selection - Morgana must be accelerating their development! You don't have the faintest clue what I'm talking about, do you? Never mind. Here, I believe you wanted weapons. Enjoy yourself, primitive.
Mission 7: "An Ace in the Hole"
Mission 7
Starting Transmission Finishing Transmission
A quick history lesson for you, primitive. Years ago, in the last days of the War, that idiot General Winters authorized the deployment of the Cocoon - an interference field surrounding the entire planet. He thought he'd level the playing field against the opposition if nothing from the surface could get into upper orbit, and no one from outside could get in - well, anyone without seven degrees in theoretical physics, obviously. As you can see, I was able to pass through, but deactivating it from below is a different matter. This information would be of value. Clear that Shipwreck there so I can place my sensors, primitive, and I will begin my analysis. My analysis is complete... countering the interference signal to reach the control station shouldn't pose any great difficulty - but let's keep this information between ourselves, shall we? It's just like Winters to have lost the codes, the man was a braggart and a fool. Ah! My scanners indicate that your little friend with the tank is returning. Say nothing of our interaction - I will contact you soon.
Mission 8: "Warrior Princess"
Mission 8
Starting Transmission Finishing Transmission
Hey! Big Guns! Forget the crash site, we've got bigger problems. Since my Stalker tribe sided with STRATCOM in Operation Safari, Morgana's been singling them out as targets. My mother, Cora, is their Elder – the one who negotiated the alliance with STRATCOM. They've been trying to relocate their civilians to a Refugee Camp, but it looks like the Mutants followed them. Help them. If the other tribes see them left to die, even Cora won't be able to hold this alliance together. Hey, your people saved a lot of lives today. My people never forget a friend. What? Oh, I get it. Yeah, Stalker princess, STRATCOM operative... pretty messed up, right? Look, Cora's not really my mom, she just took me in when I was a kid – called me her "daughter…" at least long enough to trade me as a hostage when they first tried reaching out to Gen. Winters years ago. I was thirteen. Don't get me wrong - he was good to me. Took me under his wing, kept an eye on me. I think he let me in STRATCOM just to keep me out of trouble. Anyway, I'm kind of stuck between both sides. Don't make a big deal out of it.
Mission 9: "Echoes of War"
Mission 9
Starting Transmission Finishing Transmission
Ok, Big Guns - I've been pushing Charlie pretty hard and it looks like Chucky-boy here is running on fumes. I need to refuel. Murdock pinpointed an Abandoned Base near here that should have some older model reactor rods, and maybe some spare parts. The whole place is crawling with mutants - think you could help a girl out again? Hell yeah! Spare parts, fuel, annnnd… a map! Winters has been looking for this for years! Look, it's marked out right here – the locations of all the old closed Imperial research cities! It looks like the biggest one is… there! Imperial Lab 292, in the center of old Imperial Capital. Murdock! Punch in a route and run a full system diagnostic. If the research bunker is still intact, who knows what kind of toys might be stashed down there. Hey, Big Guns - you coming or what?
Mission 10: "Tomb Raiders"
Mission 10
Starting Transmission Finishing Transmission
Ok, Murdock's finished his scan - that's the entrance to the labs alright, but we're picking up movement everywhere. We need to clear a path and secure the area before he can blow the doors - and when I say "we," I mean "you." Think you can handle it? All clear! Murdock, you ready? Blow the lock on the count of three! One... two... Murdock, what the hell? I didn't tell you to – What do you mean it's opening from inside? Oh shi-...Mutants! Pull back! Retr-
Mission 11-15
Mission Picture Transmissions
Mission 11: "The Enemy of My Enermy"
Mission 11
Starting Transmission Finishing Transmission
Calm yourself, primitive. I had nothing to do with your friend... Neela, was it? Strange... she looked familiar somehow. Perhaps I could be convinced to help you find her, if you are willing to help me. I have identified suitable facilities in which to conduct my research - you are not the only one in search of answers. Clear out the mutants for me, and I will see what I can do for her. This should do. You know, primitive - the Stalkers weren't always nomads. Before the War, many of the Imperial citizens moved out of the protected Sectors to escape the labor drafts for the Emitter program. Terrible times. When the War came, they were branded traitors and left to fend for themselves – it's amazing that they've managed to survive this long. As to how Neela came to live among them, your guess is as good as mine. Her face, though... there's something about it...
Mission 12: "Old Friends"
Mission 12
Starting Transmission Finishing Transmission
Primitive, have a look. It appears that you're not the only one searching for Neela. Gen. Winters has taken a squad to the Quarantine Zone to try and rescue her personally, the damn fool – and by the looks of it, he's bitten off more than he can chew. The General and I never saw quite eye-to-eye, but despite his failings he's a good man. Don't let him die, we may have need of him soon enough. Well done, you've covered his retreat! Oh, the irony – if he knew it was me who brought the cavalry. I suppose it's time for introductions, primitive. You have the honor of addressing his Imperial Majesty's Chief Scientist, Valerius Ivanovych Thompson - head of the Imperial Science Academy, creator of the Emitter Network, and the only reason the Hades epidemic didn't finish humanity off. Of course... sacrifices had to be made. My wife, for one. After all my efforts, men like Winters branded me a monster - banished me to interstellar space to consider my "crimes." The lives I could have saved... no matter. I have returned, and your assistance shall not be forgotten.
Mission 13: "Bloodlines"
Mission 13
Starting Transmission Finishing Transmission
Commander, my investigations seem to have attracted Morgana's attention – I must say, she turned out to be remarkably more capable than my initial design projections. Tragic, yes - but from a design standpoint, the fact that she's identified the Mutants as the planet's new dominant species shows incredible autonomy! That being said, she does seem to be attempting to kill me again. Protect my laboratory – I've got a theory I'm testing about your missing friend. I found nothing more than what I had expected. Many in the Imperial retinue were relatives of varying distance. You need only to trace their lifespans to see how close. Some of the first to betray the Emperor were practically cousins. Sadly, as I thought, the Emperor's children didn't survive... However, the archive does mention the Empress retiring to the summer palace for an extended illness in the months before the War. Interesting...
Mission 14: "The Prodigal Child"
Mission 14
Starting Transmission Finishing Transmission
Commander, my investigations seem to have attracted Morgana's attention – I must say, she turned out to be remarkably more capable than my initial design projections. Tragic, yes - but from a design standpoint, the fact that she's identified the Mutants as the planet's new dominant species shows incredible autonomy! That being said, she does seem to be attempting to kill me again. Protect my laboratory – I've got a theory I'm testing about your missing friend. Well done, my search algorithm will require some time to process the STRATCOM records database. Poor Morgana. In many ways she was my greatest achievement - a friend to humanity, a helping hand to rebuild and complete my work after the war. If you war-mongering idiots hadn't activated her prematurely by tampering with my Emitters... who knows? Things may have been different.
Mission 15: "Traces"
Mission 15
Starting Transmission Finishing Transmission
Commander, there's no time to waste! If my theory is correct, Neela's life is in grave danger. You must return to where she was taken. Fight your way to her tank and search it for anything that may have traces of her DNA – old rations, hair, dust, anything! Go, now! Commander, I'm running an analysis on the samples you recovered now. By all the... I knew it! I knew that face looked familiar! Beneath that terrible makeup, she's the spitting image of her mother. Primitive, do you realize what this means? Your little girlfriend is no Stalker brat... she's the rightful heir to the Imperial throne – the last surviving daughter of Emperor Cassius! Morgana will kill her, or worse, if she recognizes her. We must find her!
Mission 16-20
Mission Picture Transmissions
Mission 16: "Food Source"
Mission 16
Starting Transmission Finishing Transmission
Commander, I've reviewed the seismographic record of the area where Neela was taken. This activity matches the time we lost contact – and these readings here suggest a large party exiting the basement levels directly towards a Mutant breeding site. This is excellent news! They must be storing her as a food source! Morgana clearly has no idea who she is! Assuming they haven't eaten her, she should still be alive. I've marked the location on your map – bring her back unharmed! You call that a rescue mission?! Do you vaporize every place you visit on the Wasteland, or is it just on special occasions? Luckily for you, I've found no trace of her among the mess you left. Unfortunately for her, this means Morgana may suspect who she's found. I programmed her to take strategic advantage of any asset she has – there's a good chance she's still holding her if she thinks she can use Neela to her advantage. I need to find her location... there must be some way to tap into Morgana's communications!
Mission 17: "Finding Neela"
Mission 17
Starting Transmission Finishing Transmission
Apparently STRATCOM hasn't entirely wasted the R&D branch I built for them. Your battle network records indicate that in the past year, your people used an inventive method to successfully rescue a... Commander Raz, Keera. By tapping into the neural interface chips from enough mutants, they were able to decode the network echoes from Morgana's transmissions. Morgana has doubtless changed the protocols, but it shouldn't be anything I can't handle. I'll need a receiver large enough to intercept her sub-etheric signal... and that Tracking Station should do nicely. Capture it, and I will find your Princess. Excellent! I'm receiving a clear and stable signal. It will take some time for me to run the trace. For a degenerate, irradiated sub-human, you continue to impress me, primitive.
Mission 18: "Jailbreak"
Mission 18
Starting Transmission Finishing Transmission
I've found her, but getting to her won't be easy. Morgana is holding her in an Infested STRATCOM Sector – highly developed, by the looks of it. You'll have your work cut out for you, but it appears that brute force is something for which you have some aptitude. I must continue monitoring Morgana's communications for some hint of her plans. Save Neela, primitive... for all of us. They killed Murdock. They just... ripped him apart. They ate him, Commander, right in front of me. I couldn't stop them, I thought they were going to do the same to me... but, I could feel her. Morgana. She went... inside my mind. She made me see things. She was going to make me into one of those things. I'd... like some time alone, please.
Mission 19: "Childhood Things"
Mission 19
Starting Transmission Finishing Transmission
Thanks for saving me, Big Guns. Again. And for keeping an eye on Charlie and Fluffy for me. I don't know what Morgana wanted from me... but I could feel her searching, and I caught glimpses of things... memories from before the Stalkers. A woman... she was beautiful, but so sad. And there were gardens that seemed to go on forever. I think I've found it... this is my only clue to where I came from. Please, I need to know... clear out the Mutants for me. It's time to get some answers. This - this used to be my home. I remember playing here as a child... but it wasn't like this. There was water everywhere. Trees. It was beautiful. And Winters was here – younger, always speaking with an older man. They seemed worried all the time. Commander, I need some time to look around. Maybe there's some other clue here to my past. Thank you for your help.
Mission 20: "Revelations"
Mission 20
Starting Transmission Finishing Transmission
There wasn't much left, it looks like the palace was looted years ago. All I found was this bracelet. It… it has my name. There's a directional indicator on it – I can't believe it's still working after all these years. I've plotted out the coordinates it's pointing to on the map. Please take me there. Valerius: Welcome, Neela, dear child. You don't know me, but I was a very good friend of your mother and father years ago. My god... you look just like her. I wasn't quite sure at first. I think it's time you knew who you really are... your Imperial Majesty.

Neela: Imperial Maj-...what the hell are you talking about? Who are you?
Valerius: You are the last surviving daughter of Emperor Cassius, Empress of what is left of this world, and the sole heir of a proud line. Come. I believe it's time you met your parents.
Neela: Commander? Who is this? Do you know anything about this?
Valerius: It's all right, Neela, the Commander knows. Commander, would you excuse us? I believe it's best if I talk with the Empress alone. We have much to discuss.

Mission 21-24
Mission Picture Transmissions
Mission 21: "Family Ties"
Mission 21
Starting Transmission Finishing Transmission
Primitive one, I believe that could have gone better. My arm may be broken. Yes, yes, my arm is definitely broken. She didn't handle the news as well as one might expect. She took my ship, my best guess is she's off to confront Cora. Leave me here and follow her! Protect her! Morgana won't give up until she gets what she wants from her! It looks like we arrived too late – she's moved on. I didn't anticipate how traumatizing this must be, perhaps it's best we give her some time. There was much I didn't see… Winters was much smarter than I gave him credit for, for one. What's a better place to keep Neela out of harm's way during the pre-war riots than with a band of Stalkers, far from the capital? No birth records, no entry in the genetic indexes, and safely away from major population centers during the war. Winters and the Emperor must have seen the writing on the wall and planned this for years! The Sectors will follow her as a direct Imperial descendant, and to the Stalkers she's an adopted tribal Princess! Well done, Trevor! Primitive, that girl is the best hope for our survival as a species... we will follow at a distance, and protect her.
Mission 22: "Prototype"
Mission 22
Starting Transmission Finishing Transmission
Primitive, we can't keep waiting for Morgana to attack the Empress; you can hardly be everywhere at once. I believe I may have found a better way. Now that I can intercept and decode Morgana's signal, I should be able to block it, given the right equipment. This should interfere with Morgana's ability to control the Mutants within a small radius around Neela until she's strong enough to lead. There was a device I was working on before I was arrested, the Suppressor - an early prototype of the technology used in the Emitters. If the Imperial Guard didn't confiscate all my research, it should be at the base where I was working. Secure the area and I will get it in working order. Incredible! After all this time, it's still here... but in terrible condition. Those Praetorian idiots probably thought it was a piece of office equipment. Repairs should take some time, but I believe it will serve our purposes. With any luck, Morgana should be in for a rather nasty surprise.
Mission 23: "Sacrifices Must Be Made"
Mission 23
Starting Transmission Finishing Transmission
The Suppressor is done - and not a moment too soon. I told you Morgana kept the young Empress alive for a reason, yes? It's her blood. Her very genetic code. Morgana's programming dictates that she give her Mutants every evolutionary advantage – terraforming the planet for them, eliminating human competition. Don't you see? The star blood of the Imperial family flows in Neela's veins, primitive! A thousand generations of a family line adapted for space travel, a higher form of human. Morgana wants to pass this gift to her heirs. Once she does, the Mutants will be unstoppable, near-immortal! Buy me time to activate the Suppressor! It's operational! I've set it to follow her, no matter where she goes, Morgana will be unable to touch her. Stay back, primitive – I didn't have enough time to give it radiation shielding. I'm afraid I'll need to stay here in order to stabilize it. Me? I exceeded the lethal dose hours ago. I believe it's time for you and me to say goodbye, primitive. You're a good man, despite your limited intellect. Keep the Empress safe... her time will come. This is her Empire. If she wants it, she will need loyal subjects like you to help her fight for it.
Mission 24: "The Second Imperium"
Mission 24
Starting Transmission Finishing Transmission
Commander, thank you for all you have done. It was just so much to take... if I hadn't run away, Valerius... look, I can't change the past, but as... Empress... I have a debt to the future. Whatever he did, it worked… Morgana knows she can't touch me. So she's attacking Strategic Command instead. Look – there's hundreds of thousands of them. They'll never repel so many. Not unless I can get in there, and bring the Suppressor field with me. Send everything you've got – all I need is a second to break through. It's all counting on you, soldier boy – if I don't get in, this will be the shortest Imperial reign in history. Commander, come in! It worked! The Mutants have started attacking each other! All STRATCOM personnel have been evacuated and the facility destroyed – she'll have to rebuild her armies for months! You've saved me, and maybe all of us… but Big Guns, I need one more favor. Tell no one. Forget me, and all of this, until I need you again. Morgana knows who I am, and so do I - but the Wasteland isn't ready yet. The Clans will never accept me as legitimate until I'm strong enough to lead them in battle. I'm going to Winters to retire my commission. Maybe climb my way up in one of the Clans – they could always use a Stalker brat who knows the Wastes, right? Take it easy, Soldier boy. Fluffy, Chuckles – let's roll out!

Unlocking Echoes of War Infestations

Upon successfully engaging your first Level 5 Infestation, you will gain access to the first Campaign Mission in the new ‘Missions’ tab on the Radar interface. Each Campaign Mission will require engaging and destroying a special Mission Infestation (highlighted in YELLOW under the ‘Infestations’ tab of your Radar).

Each mission can be played twice – once using Offensive forces, and once using Defensive forces. Unlock additional Campaign Missions by defeating increasingly higher levels of standard Infestations.

Below is a full list of what levels are needed to unlock each Echoes of War Missions.

Echoes of War Unlocked Via Echoes of War Unlocked Via Echoes of War Unlocked Via Echoes of War Unlocked Via
Mission 1 Infestation Level 5 Mission 7 Infestation Level 28 Mission 13 Infestation Level 52 Mission 19 Infestation Level 76
Mission 2 Infestation Level 8 Mission 8 Infestation Level 32 Mission 14 Infestation Level 56 Mission 20 Infestation Level 80
Mission 3 Infestation Level 12 Mission 9 Infestation Level 36 Mission 15 Infestation Level 60 Mission 21 Infestation Level 85
Mission 4 Infestation Level 16 Mission 10 Infestation Level 40 Mission 16 Infestation Level 64 Mission 22 Infestation Level 90
Mission 5 Infestation Level 20 Mission 11 Infestation Level 44 Mission 17 Infestation Level 68 Mission 23 Infestation Level 95
Mission 6 Infestation Level 24 Mission 12 Infestation Level 48 Mission 18 Infestation Level 72 Mission 24 Infestation Level 100

Imperial units

Below is a full list of all new Imperial units with all their stats. You can obviously further improve on their credit consumption and speed by placing nodes in the Tech Nexus building for the normal variations of the units.

The main benefit to these new units is a reduction in upkeep cost and a shift in their overall defense power. Its also worth noting that these units will only be available via Echoes of War missions and the Global Infestation missions that come around once in a while.

Armored Corps

Imperial Light Tank

Packing disproportionately high firepower for its size, the Scorpio Light Tank makes up for it's relatively light armor with high speed, maneuverability, and active countermeasures systems. The Imperial Class variant of this unit offers decreased Credit consumption.

Unit Avatar Unit power Unit stats
Imperial Light Tank
Offense 250
Infantry Defense 40
Armored Corps Defense 50
Artillery Defense 40
Air Defense 40
Raid Resource Capacity 150
Maintenance Cost 1 Credits p/h
Speed 180 km\h

Imperial Viper APC

Originally tasked for infantry support in desert operations, the Viper APC's low profile has earned it a reputation for survivability. The Imperial Class variant of this unit offers decreased Credit consumption and superior speed over the regular production model.

Unit Avatar Unit power Unit stats
Imperial Viper APC
Offense 120
Infantry Defense 180
Armored Corps Defense 140
Artillery Defense 160
Air Defense 160
Raid Resource Capacity 120
Maintenance Cost 1 Credits p/h
Speed 180 km\h


Imperial Disintegrator

The Mk I Disintegrator spawns Micro Black Holes inside your Enemy. We're still not sure if this just kills them, or erases them from ever having existed in the first place. Sadly, its reload interval makes it a poor defensive system. The Imperial Class variant of this unit offers decreased Credit consumption and superior speed over the regular production model.

Unit Avatar Unit power Unit stats
Imperial Disintegrator
Offense 950
Infantry Defense 90
Armored Corps Defense 80
Artillery Defense 80
Air Defense 100
Raid Resource Capacity 700
Maintenance Cost 1.5 Credits p/h
Speed 180 km\h

Imperial Gauss Gun

The Gauss Gun's superconducting electromagnetic coils accelerate tungsten-carbide projectiles to speeds exceeding escape velocity. The Imperial Class variant of this unit offers decreased Credit consumption and superior speed over the regular production model.

Unit Avatar Unit power Unit stats
Imperial Gauss Gun
Offense 100
Infantry Defense 400
Armored Corps Defense 400
Artillery Defense 480
Air Defense 480
Raid Resource Capacity 200
Maintenance Cost 1.5 Credits p/h
Speed 120 km\h


Imperial Battlecruiser

Carrying enough heavy firepower to turn your enemy's sector into a shallow crater of volcanic glass, this is THE most powerful offensive unit in your arsenal - so be sure to protect it. The Imperial Class variant of this unit offers decreased Credit consumption.

Unit Avatar Unit power Unit stats
Imperial Battlecruiser
Offense 1750
Infantry Defense 150
Armored Corps Defense 45
Artillery Defense 45
Air Defense 150
Raid Resource Capacity 1750
Maintenance Cost 2 Credits p/h
Speed 180 km\h

Imperial Interceptor

The Phoenix Interceptors' Optic Camouflage systems, protective force fields, and advanced long-range sensor package make it the ultimate defensive interdiction system. The Imperial Class variant of this unit offers decreased Credit consumption and superior speed over the regular production model.

Unit Avatar Unit power Unit stats
Imperial Interceptor
Offense 150
Infantry Defense 550
Armored Corps Defense 550
Artillery Defense 700
Air Defense 700
Raid Resource Capacity 300
Maintenance Cost 2 Credits p/h
Speed 180 km\h

Echoes of War Mission Rewards

Click the [Expand] button to display the missions rewards.

Offense Site Details
Mission Level Units Inside Winnings
Destructor Chimera Predator Raptor Light Tank Disintegrator Battlecruiser Hellstorm Harbringer Leviathan
1 3 18 6 4 10 - - - - -
2 6 34 13 8 5 3 1 - - -
3 16 73 33 22 25 1 - - 1 -
4 30 122 60 40 - 15 5 - - -
5 61 252 123 82 - 20 11 - - -
6 92 372 184 82 50 - 20 - 2 -
7 132 520 264 82 - - 44 - - -
8 168 681 337 225 - - 55 - - -
9 212 851 424 282 - - 66 - - -
10 262 1055 524 349 - 100 - 5 - -
11 320 1285 640 427 - 100 7 5 - -
12 363 1460 727 484 10 100 50 - - -
13 410 1649 821 547 - 111 55 - - -
14 461 1856 923 615 - 140 7 7 - -
15 517 2074 1034 689 - 100 55 3 - 1
16 577 2312 1154 769 - - 100 - - 4
17 608 2442 1217 811 - 111 100 - - -
18 641 2570 1283 855 - 100 75 5 - -
19 675 2708 1351 900 - 15 100 - - 5
20 710 2851 1421 947 - 120 70 6 - -
21 747 2994 1494 996 - 35 100 - - 5
22 785 3145 1570 1046 - 140 65 7 - -
23 824 3302 1648 1098 - 40 100 2 - 5
24 993 3983 1987 1325 - 100 100 5 - 5
Defense Site Details
Mission Level Units Inside Winnings
Destructor Chimera Predator Raptor Viper APC Gauss Gun Interceptor Mammoth Bastion Atreus
1 5 23 10 6 12 1 - - - -
2 10 43 20 13 12 6 2 - - -
3 25 104 50 33 25 11 - 1 - -
4 45 182 90 60 - 33 15 - - -
5 92 375 184 123 - 50 25 - - -
6 109 442 218 145 100 - 40 5 - -
7 198 795 396 264 - - 120 - - -
8 253 1017 506 337 - - 150 - - -
9 318 1273 636 424 - - 190 - - -
10 393 1579 787 524 - 200 - - 9 -
11 480 1927 961 640 - 200 33 - 9 -
12 545 2186 1090 727 - 150 200 - - -
13 616 2467 1232 821 - 150 230 - - -
14 692 2779 1385 923 - 250 150 - 15 -
15 775 3112 1551 1034 - 200 140 - 6 3
16 865 3468 1731 1154 - - 300 - - 8
17 913 3656 1826 1217 - 220 300 - - -
18 962 3854 1924 1283 - 230 200 - 10 -
19 1013 4058 2026 1351 - 50 200 - - 15
20 1066 4270 2132 1421 - 250 150 - 15 -
21 1121 4487 2242 1494 - 50 230 - - 15
22 1177 4716 2355 1570 - 250 200 - 15 -
23 1236 4950 2472 1648 - 150 150 - 4 15
24 1490 5972 2981 1987 - 150 200 - 15 15

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