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Drachmas are an Archons best friend. Not only are they shiney, but they boost almost anything an Archon can think of, making all functions under the Archon's watchful eye work faster and more efficiently. But, there are a finite amount of Drachmas an Archon can procure without finding some other means to get them.

Drachma Acquisition

The primary means of acquiring Drachmas is to purchase them with real world currency. Do so via the Bank as discussed in the Premium Content section of this wiki. Other means of Drachma acquisition include but are certainly not limited to:

  • Taking, holding, and regularly emptying a Drachma Vault via the Colonies tab in the Oracle.
  • Logging in for 5 consecutive days will net you 50 Drachmas.
  • Participating in various advertisement/sponsored activities. Some require you to only watch a short video. Understand though that you are compensated in direct reflection of the time and commitment required to complete these.
  • Placing in the top 10 of any individual ranking for the week such as Raiding or Offense.
  • Participating in the Global Quests.
  • Ranking high in Global Quests.

Drachma Usage

All Archons who stay diligent to their city will get Diamonds. There will not be very many, however. But once an Archon has them, he should decide wisely where to use them. The Market is a tempting place that is full of very...no really...VERY nice things that typically make Archons need to change their gear from all the drooling and...well....nevermind. However, those very nice items come at exceedingly expensive prices, all paid for with Drachmas. Only those commanders who have a substantial reserve of Drachmas in stock should consider spending them here.

Drachmas give you extra advantages in the game, they are a premium resource that can be spent to speed up certain game actions, purchase units and Premium Content and cut out most of the time-consuming processes from your game play.

You can use them to:

  • Boost the rate of your building construction, Agreement Updates and Unit training
  • Purchase Resources, Units or Agreement Articles at the Market
  • Purchase Defensive buildings and décor
  • Purchase Artisans that add additional construction & upgrade queues to your City, which will allow you to upgrade or add multiple buildings or upgrades simultaneously

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