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Dominion Status in the game Sparta: War of Empires

You may feel as if your City is growing stronger by the day, but without making use of Dominion Status, you will be forever fighting an uphill battle in your bid to achieve greatness. An Archon under the effects of Dominion Status will feel the benefits of powerful Bonuses, including improvements to all areas of Unit and City statistics.

Once you have collected enough Dominion Points, you may activate Dominion Status by using a Dominion Activator. Your Dominion Status will expire after a set amount of time, at which point you must reactivate it manually, or enable “Automatic Repurchasing” to automatically reactive it on expiry. You can earn Dominion Points simply from logging into the game every day. For each consecutive day you log into the game, you will be rewarded with an increasing number of Dominion Points.

Once you have amassed enough Dominion Points, you must activate your Dominion Status with a Dominion Activator. You can earn Dominion Activators as rewards for participating in various special game events, or simply purchase them at the Market, within the “Misc.” tab.

Your Dominion Status must be “Active” in order for you to feel the benefits of its powers, so remember to keep an eye on when it expires and activate it whenever you can. To do so, go to the Market, open the “Misc.” tab and click “Apply” next to the Dominion Activator.

Your Dominion Status has multiple Levels, which can be reached simply by collecting Dominion Points. Click the “Dominion” icon along the top menu to view the Dominion Progress Bar along with the number of Points you must earn to reach the next Dominion Level. The Dominion window displays the following information:

  • Total number of Dominion Points;
  • Your current Dominion Level;
  • Remaining time until your current Dominion Status expires;
  • Number of Dominion Points you will receive the next time you log in;
  • Your current Dominion Run, which shows the number of days you have played in a row.

As your total Dominion Points increase, so will your Dominion Level and the power of your accompanying bonuses when your Dominion Status is activated. Remember – the higher your Dominion Level, the greater your rewards will be!

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