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Diplomatic Advisor

CEF45990XR000105 Personnel Service Record
(Extract summary)

Full Name: VERDEN Keera

AKA: Keera Raz, KRaz

Date of Birth: 2030 NE Earth-Zero

Date of death: 2061 NE

Registration: 2060 NE Registered in PROJECT MEMORY

Titles: Imperial Guard Diplomatic Advisor

Responsibility: inform you about the status of offered and current Alliances


2030 NE – Born on Earth-Zero

Her parents were famous Imperial diplomats descended from an ancient aristocratic family. Keera's parent’s social status and their financial wealth predetermined her future in many respects.

VERDEN received an excellent diplomatic education in which she was able to learn 118 languages and then graduated from the Diplomatic College with honors. VERDEN disappointed her parents by choosing "Local and Planet Conflict Reconciliation" as her specialization instead of "Interplanetary Diplomacy".

VERDEN started her career at the time when the anarchistic grouping "Extreme Response" strengthened its influence upon the Imperial Forces. By this time she was already married to a prominent sportsman, Steven RAZ.

The "Extreme Response" group became notorious for the organized insurgency within the New Rome Star System which resulted in the political elite’s removal from authority. They were subsequently taken hostage including the Emperor's distant nephew, Maximilian KURIYA.

VERDEN became a member of the diplomatic mission sent to reconcile the situation in New Rome. She was the only one to possess the rare talent of persuasion and thus she managed to turn counter-revolution into a state of calm. When the mission began, the planet inhabitants disarmed Extreme Response Forces and liberated the Star Blood representative within 5 days.

At that time Mass Media reports marvelled at her psychic skills and how they intensified with the effect of the Orbital Emitters. This combination ensured a victorious course of events.

2059 NE VERDEN became the first Advocacy Minister in the newly formed Ministry. Soon after this, she was proclaimed “Person of the Year”. At the ceremony for this award, the Emperor delivered a speech in which he stated that the Empire lives thanks to himself, but this life is peaceful and safe thanks to Keera Raz.

That year VERDEN also became a member of PROJECT MEMORY. Her personality scan was successfully taken and registered within the AI database. Next, her memory was developed and integrated within the sectors in the form of “The Diplomatic Advisor”.

Soon after her registration in the PROJECT MEMORY, VERDEN was badly wounded by terrorists during her speech on the planet Shorgan and thus was placed in a medically induced coma. The assassination attempt caused the immediate and powerful suppression of the opposition by the Imperial Army.

There were implications during the coma reversal process which proved ineffective in attempting to bring VERDEN back to life. The decision was made to create a cyborg using AI "Memory" and VERDEN’s body.

2140 NE - KRaz was the result of this work. KRaz is the only integrated advisor that is projected from General Winters' sector.




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