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Deposits are each dedicated to producing the following types of Resources - Uranium, Titanium and Credits, Artifacts and Crystals. There are three types of Deposits: large, medium and small. The amount of Resources produced by the Deposit and its capacity depend on its size. The higher Deposit's level is, the more Resources per hour it produces, and the bigger its capacity. As soon as a Deposit is depleted, it disappears and you have to look for new ones. The remaining time till a Deposit's depletion is displayed on the pop-up Map menu and at your Administrative buildings (Command Center and Radar). Every new Deposit is vacant and unguarded, so try and be the first to find it. Any player can view the amount of Resources stored in the Deposit by positioning the cursor over it.

Deposit Menu on Map

Position your cursor over a Deposit on Map to view its info. You will be able to view the amount of Resources stored in Deposit, its status (whether the Deposit is vacant or captured), and choose from a set of possible Deposit actions.


When traveling to or from a deposit, your troops speed is increased by a factor of 24. Maximum traveling time to any Deposit on Map is 1 hour for all players.

Example: For Cyborgs, who have a base speed of 120, the speed of travel is increased to 2880. If they are sent with Gladiators, who have a base speed of 60, the force's speed is increased to 1440. This is due to the fundamental rule that an army can only march as fast as its slowest moving unit.

To offset this, many commanders opt to send multiple forces with like speeds at different intervals.


To recon a Deposit, build the Industrial Syndicate and the Air Field in your Sector, then choose the number of Recon Drones you want to send for this mission and click «Send». Successful Recon missions allow you to detect all Troops in a given Deposit - its owner's Troops and other players' Reinforcements. Purchase and position a large number of Recon Drones to protect your Deposit from being reconned.


Building the Industrial Syndicate allows to capture 1 Deposit. Select the Deposit tab, then choose number and kind of Troops you want to send for this mission and click «Send». If you succeed, your Troops will capture the Deposit and you'll be able to view its info under the «Deposits» tab at Command Center. Once you've captured the Deposit, it starts accumulating Resources. You can collect Resources from Deposits once an hour. If you don't collect Resources for more than 12 hours, they stop accumulating. If a Deposit is captured, a player doesn't get any of its previous owner's Resources. Instead the Deposit starts producing Resources again, but the total amount of Resources in the Deposit remains the same for all players. To maintain control the Deposit you captured, keep a large garrison of Defensive Troops there. Remember that you can still attack a Deposit captured by your Ally! Choose your goals carefully and make wise decisions- sometimes short-term profit isn't worth losing a valuable Alliance over. If your Troops in the Deposit are defeated and an Enemy takes control of it, all surviving Reinforcements will return to their owners.


To send and receive Reinforcements, research «Artificial Intelligence» technology and build the Command Center. Then choose number and kind of Units you want and send them as Reinforcements to a Deposit. You can also reinforce your own Troops already stationed at your own Deposit. Sending Reinforcements to other Deposits does not allow you to collect Resources from that Deposit. You can help your Friends control their Deposits, and they might help you in return. If you recall all Troops from your Deposit, other players' Reinforcements will also leave and return to their owners. If all Troops in your Deposit are destroyed, all surviving Reinforcements automatically return to their owners. To control your Reinforcements in other Deposits, go to the Command Center, open the «Garrisons» tab and choose the «Deposits» filter.

Industrial Syndicate

Building Description How to build :
Industrial Syndicate

When combined with Radar,
the Syndicate allows you to locate, capture, and exploit Resources and Crystal Deposits as well as Artifact Sites on the Map.

   You can manage only 1 Deposit at first,
and then 2 after upgrading the Syndicate to Level 6.
  1. Go to your Sector.
  2. Click «Construction».
  3. Open the «Command» tab and choose the Industrial Syndicate
  4. Choose a place inside the Sector and start building.


Building Description How to build :

You need the Radar in order to detect new Deposits around your Sector.
Radar gives you info about:

  • new and vacant Deposits around your Sector
  • Resources in a given Deposit
  • Deposit capture
        Upgrade your Radar to increase its range and detect more Deposits. 
  1. Go to your Sector.
  2. Click «Construction».
  3. Open the «Command» tab and choose the Radar
  4. Choose a place inside the Sector and start building.

Command Center

Command Center

To control Deposits from the Command Center, you have to first capture a Deposit on Map. Once you have one, go to the Command Center and open the «Deposits» tab. It provides info about: - The amount of Resources stored in Deposit - Time left till the Deposit's depletion - The Deposit's storage capacity - How many Resources you can collect at the moment - Time left to next collection - Time left until the Deposit's storage is full - Number and type of Troops at a Deposits - Your own Troops and other players' Reinforcements Once you've captured Deposit, it starts accumulating Resources. You can collect Resources once an hour. In 12 hours the Deposit's storage will be full, and from then on all extra Resources will disappear. To collect all Resources accumulated in a Deposit, press «Collect» (only if the button is active!). It takes some time before Resources from a Deposit are delivered to your Sector. Your Trade Advisor will send you a delivery report. Click the green arrow and you'll see all your Troops at the Deposit as well as other players' Reinforcements. You can send Reinforcements to your Deposit or remove other players' Troops from it.To control your Reinforcements in other players' Deposits, open the «Garrisons» tab and choose the «Deposits» filter. You'll be able to see all your Reinforcements in other players' Deposits.

Advisors' reports

You can get information about you and your Allies’ Deposits in the Combat and Diplomatic Advisors' reports. The trade Advisor will inform you on Resource deliveries to your Sector.

Deposit capturing/trapping:

Deposits are not just sources of the various needed materials to construct/upgrade your units, tech and buildings. If close enough they are also fantastic sources of experience if your willing to sacrifice the materials inside the deposit. Depending on the distance of the deposit from your sector, (my recommended max distance for trapping is 90km) and the speed of the troops your using you can literally trap an opponents offense, capture the deposit following the above instructions, leave only one unit (cyborgs are the most effective since they can be cloned instantly) and recall the rest to your sector and wait for someone to attack your freshly claimed deposit. Once you receive a battle report about losing the deposit, send your fastest and most powerful units to re-capture immediately. If the deposit is under 90km away they will not have enough time to recall their offense, and there you have deposit trapping. --Ninjuggalotus 15:14, 23 March 2012 (GMT)

Experience Farms?

There has been some debate between commanders on whether it is smart to commit many defensive troops to deposits or not to. The reason for this is that there are commanders in the field that see deposits as more of an opportunity to destroy as many other commanders' forces as possible rather than use the deposits for their resources. Some commanders defend with a paltry defense to minimize their troop losses, suspecting that there is a preditory commander in the neighborhood. Using Recon Drones can put much of the speculation to rest. However, it is with more than a little certainty that I say this. A commander who is out for blood is much less likely to recon a deposit than just send in a massive display of deadly force that would make any hardened veteran need to change his BDUs.

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