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Deposit capturing/trapping:

Deposits are not just sources of the various needed materials to construct/upgrade your units, tech and buildings. If close enough they are also fantastic sources of experience if your willing to sacrifice the materials inside the deposit. Depending on the distance of the deposit from your sector, (my recommended max distance for trapping is 90km) and the speed of the troops your using you can literally trap an opponents offense, capture the deposit following the above instructions, leave only one unit (cyborgs are the most effective since they can be cloned instantly) and recall the rest to your sector and wait for someone to attack your freshly claimed deposit. Once you receive a battle report about losing the deposit, send your fastest and most powerful units to re-capture immediately. If the deposit is under 90km away they will not have enough time to recall their offense, and there you have deposit trapping. --Ninjuggalotus 15:14, 23 March 2012 (GMT)

  • Its a trap!

There it is. It's a deposit that, by all appearances, has no one claiming it. Perfect opportunity, right?? Not necessarily. Several clans have used deposits for traps to catch unwary commanders by surprise. Many of these unsuspecting commanders have attempted to capture one of these apparently unclaimed deposits only to find out there are massive amounts of defensive troops stationed there, defending it and not laying claim to it!! How can this be?? It's not about the resources. It's about killing you!

"How can this be done?" you may ask. Simply put, any commander can defend any deposit or sector he wishes to. Now whether there are any owners present makes the difference in this particular scenario. In order to establish an unclaimed deposit as a trap for you and/or your clan, you must first vacate this deposit by conquoring it. When you have laid claim to the deposit, begin sending the reinforcements needed to defend it. Before those reinforcements arrive, the deposit must be vacated. This is more difficult the farther the deposit is away from where you are sending your reinforcements. The shorter the distance your reinforcements have to travel, the less likely chance someone will retake the deposit from you. When you have successfully reinforced a deposit that no longer has you or anyone else laying claim to it, you have a trap.

It is highly reccomended that you, as the initiator of the trap, have enough defense in place on the deposit to repel attacks until the rest of the reinforcements from the clan have arrived. The result is a massively defended deposit that looks like it is ready to be taken by anyone who happens to look at it. Unsuspecting commanders have lost entire armies due to walking into a literal blood bath of pure death. Even some suspecting commanders have paid dearly for testing their mettel against such traps, including THIS commander! So many tanks many.... *sniffle*

So be careful out there commanders! If it looks like an easy kill, it might just be that. But, you're the one who might be getting the wrong end of that deal!

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