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The Marathoners Bring News of New Resources and Units!


Sometimes, even the bravest Spartans recognise when they are in need of assistance. I will now allow each Archon access to a new Resource, sign new Agreements with outside Cities and hire a bold new class of Units. I have also instructed my architects to supply each of your Cities with the plans to construct the Argentarium. Here all Archons will be able to trade for Denarii – special Roman coins which can be used to hire powerful Roman warriors. Before you may spend Denarii, you must first follow collect Glory Points to forge the needed Agreements...

Glory Points (GPs)

To make the Agreements needed to hire Roman Warriors, Archons must first participate in Global Quests and earn Glory Points (GPs). Attack and defend as many Positions as possible during Global Quests to collect Glory Points. Once collected, visit the Market to purchase new exclusive Articles of Agreement. These Articles of Agreement – for Capua, Massilia, Pompeii and Ephesus will need to be signed before an Archon can begin using Denarii to hire Roman Warriors.


Denarii are a special Roman coin used almost exclusively outside of the Greek World. Valued much more highly by the Roman Warriors than our Greek Drachmas, only these may be used to source help from the lands of Rome to the West.

To collect Denarii, first construct the Argentarium. Here you may exchange Timber and Bronze for Denarii and spend them on new Roman Warriors, including Gladiators, Velites, Triarii and Legionnaires.

Heed this message and use the information wisely Archons – this could be the difference between winning and losing the war.