Defensive Tactics

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Defensive Tactics

There are about as many different tactics on Defense (and Offense) as there are commanders on the battle field. Granted, some commanders appear to use similar tactics amongst themselves in close, cohesive alliances. Other commanders watch, listen, and learn from other commanders in both successes and failures.

Here we shall share what limited intelligence we've uncovered.

  • The Inexperienced Commander

Early in most commanders' careers, we tend to see the majority of commanders train very basic troops and very little else. Some young commanders have been seen to train thousands and thousands of Gladiators and Cyberdogs in order to protect their sectors. Little do they know that veteran commanders on the prowl for blood look upon these young commanders that make these mistakes as the perfect targets.

Rather than commiting so many resources to troops that will be sacrificed, prepare for the future training of better units.

  • The Hiding Spot

Many experienced commanders have realized that hiding troops away in secret bunkers nearby (usually an abandoned, undeveloped sector) is the best way to protect his troops from getting slaughtered during nap time. So many commanders have lost countless units just because they didn't take this extra precaution. All those resources in training wasted.

What? The troops getting killed? You got a problem with that? That's what they're there for, soldier! Those troops all have one commitment. They are born to fight and DIE! Just don't go wasting them.

  • The Support Group

Now don't get all mushy on me son. This ain't no huggy crying sit in. We're talking about tough commanders within clans and alliances working together in a team to reach a common goal! Death to the enemy. These fine commanders have learned that there is definitely strength in numbers. There are few things more beautiful than to see dozens of commanders pulling together to protect each other and their territory.

  • The Trap

This is the thing more beautiful than above. Not only do we have commanders pulling together and creating an impenetrable fortress able to withstand all but the most terrifying offensive forces mustered, we have commanders who are using their brains and tricking their victims to come to them only to die.

These commanders pick a defendable sector or deposit and park their forces there without laying claim. Then unsuspecting commanders, who see what appears to be an easy picking, dive right in only to be utterly and completely taken by surprise, losing most if not all of their troops.

Truly a trap is a beautiful thing.

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