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Decoy Army

With this Item, your enemy’s Recon Reports will show twice as many troops as you actually have. Even better, your enemy will have no way of knowing that you have activated this Item. Fear sees danger everywhere, Commanders. Especially when profits are at stake. This is the best way to pull the wool over your enemy’s eyes.

This special Item doubles the number of your Troops in your enemy's scouting reports, i.e. the report makes it look as if you have twice as many Troops than you actually do.

  • You cannot prolong the duration of this Item or purchase it in unlimited amounts. The Item "Fake army" will be located in your Black Market, under the"Misc" tab.
  • If Player A activated a "Fake army" Item and was successfully scouted by Player B, Player B will receive a Scouting report showing that Player A has an army double the size of his/her actual one.
  • Once you apply this Item, it will visually multiply the number of your Units (except Recon Units and Sector Defense) by two. The example you used is correct, so if you have 100 Riflemen the Recon report your enemy gets will say that you have 100*2=200 Riflemen.
  • In case there is an odd number of Troops in the Sector being scouted, we will add 1 to the number we get after multiplication; for example, 3 Vindicators = 7 Vindicators, 5 Drakes = 11 Drakes, etc. Important: the number of Scouting Troops and Military Improvements will not appear bigger in the report; for example, 5 Recon Drones = 5 Recon Drones.
  • Players will be able to get this Items in the Black Market (Fake army 8 h, Fake army 24 h), in the Global Tournaments, and in discount offers.
  • The"Fake army" Item does not increase the actual size of the army.
  • It does not impact on Reinforcements located in the Sector.
  • Players that scouted your Sector do not see it in their Scouting reports that this item is activated.


  • 8 Hours = 125 IP points.
  • 8 Hours = 250 Diamonds.
  • 24 Hours = 600 Diamonds.