Dark Corsairs

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Dark Corsairs

The Dark Corsairs are multi-purpose units. They're equally well-suited for both Offensive and Defensive roles, and (because dead men drink no rum) do not require any Rum for their maintenance. They can also carry a large load of Resources during Raids when compared to regular Pirates. If a Dark Corsair is cut down, you can summon him back to battle as soon as you have enough Black Spots to hand out to your friends. You can summon up to 3 Dark Corsairs a day. Your Friends use your Black Spots to summon Dark Corsairs for you by clicking on your Haunted Cemetery once a day. One Black Spot is needed for each Dark Corsair summoned. You can maintain up to 50 Dark Corsairs simultaneously.

Dark Corsair
Unit Stats
Unit Type Pirates
Offense 50
Pirate Defense 60
Mercenary Defense 60
Fleet Defense 60
Armada Defense 60
Raid Resource Capacity 40
Rum Consumption 0 Rum per hour
Speed 120 mph
Production Time 0

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