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Daily Loyalty Roll

Those who rise each day to fight for Stormfall shall be rewarded!

I declare, from this day forth, that all Lords and Ladies of Stormfall that come to the aid of Stormfall each day shall receive daily and monthly rewards.

To earn your rewards, log in to Stormfall: Age of War every day. Each consecutive day you log in shall earn you increasingly better rewards. Log in for 30 days in a row, and you will receive an even greater bonus reward, which shall become greater still upon the 60th and 90th day!

Beware! Should you miss even one day, the Daily Loyalty Roll will reset and you'll lose all credit towards your bonus reward. Those who do not claim their prizes after 90 days shall forfeit them, and won't be included in the next round of the Daily Loyalty Roll.

You can check your progress any time by going to the Paragon Status window and opening the Daily Loyalty Roll tab.

Interface of Daily Loyalty Roll

ATTENTION: This new reward system will replace the existing 5 Day Bonus, but never fear - your current progress has already been applied to the Daily Loyalty Roll. You may have rewards awaiting you even now!

It is my hope that this will give us even greater reason rise and fight each day, and reward the loyal with well-earned riches!

May Veyon guide your blades!

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