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Cyborgs have both offensive and defensive capabilities. They require no Resources or Credits to build and maintain, and have increased resource carrying capacity during Raids. Cyborgs are only as good as the brain used to control them. This is why only Commanders are authorized Cyborg enhancements.

Remember the KEY points:

  • The Cyborg is a multipurpose Infantry unit. It's equally well-suited for both Offensive and Defensive roles.
  • Cyborg's do not consume Credits for its maintenance.
  • If your Cyborg has been killed, you can revive him as soon as you have a Mutagen charge inside your Cyberlab.
  • One charge of Mutagen is needed to create each Cyborg.
  • Every day your supply of Mutagen is restocked automatically (Default 3 charges of Mutagen).
  • You can maintain up to 50 Cyborgs simultaneously by default or 70 Cyborgs if you place the Tech nodes in the Tech Nexus.
  • Your Friends can click on your Cyberlab once every day to produce 1 Cyborg.
  • You can also buy Mutagen barrels the which increase the amount of Mutagen you can hold and receive each day (currently capped at 22 Barrels). These can be brought from the Construction Menu under "Improvements".
  • There is currently a cap of 2000 Cyborgs that can be placed on any 1 location as reinforcements.

Unit Avatar Unit Power Unit Stats
Offense 50
Infantry Defense 60
Armored Corps Defense 60
Artillery Defense 60
Air Defense 60
Raid Resource Capacity 40.0
Maintenance Cost 0.00 Credits per hour
Speed 120.0 km/h
Construction Time Instant via Cyberlab
Able to be Mutated? No

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