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Creating the Coalition

To start a Coalition you must be at least level 10, have 2000 Drachmas, and not be in a Coalition.

  1. Go to the Embassy
  2. Click the "My Coalition" tab
  3. Choose a Shield, Color, and Design for your banner. Try to create a unique look to set your group off from others. Alternatively you can click on the dice button to randomly select your banner.
  4. Choose a Name. The name can be up to 20 characters long and must be unique. No two groups can have the same name. However, spaces count and some groups have gotten away with similar names by spacing the words in the name differently. Generally though it's best to come up with a truly unique name to again set your group off from others.
  5. Click "Create For 2000" to create your group.

You may change the name of your group once a month for 5000 Drachmas.

Coalition Information

Once created you need to edit the settings of your Coalition. To do this go to your "My Coalition" tab and click the gears icon. This will bearing up the Coalition Settings dialog box. First you have a decision to be a full Coalition, Academy, or both. An Academy accepts low level player's at random with the understanding that you will train them in the finer arts of war. To activate Academy settings check the "Academy" box and determine how many of your remaining slots will be available for the Academy and what the minimum level of player you will accept is (Level 5 is the default).

For normal Coalition settings you must make sure the "Coalition" box is checked and enter the message to be displayed on the coalitions tab of the Embassy. Generally you want to stick to the relevant points of What kind of group you are, basic expectations, and possibly coalition allies. Below the message are also options for setting the minimum level players must be to apply and the expected language. There is also a button for expanding your group once you've gathered the necessary resources.

Once you are done editing your settings click "Post" to save them. You may also click the "x" to cancel any changes.

The final thing you should do to get up and running is edit the Coalition Message. This message is seen only my your Coalition members when they click on their "My Coalition" tab. Do not count on this as a primary means of communication with your members. It is far better to use either in game messaging or external messaging like Facebook.

Congratulations! You've successfully created your Coalition.

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