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It is with great joy that I bring you tidings of change. From this day forth, you have the ability to develop your Castle up to four times faster by hiring Craftsmen!

Craftsmen are special workers that allow you to carry out several constructions or Upgrades simultaneously. Each additional Craftsman you hire will grant you one additional building slot.

To purchase a Craftsmen:

  1. Place your cursor over the numbers above the "Construction" button
  2. Click "Purchase Craftsmen"
  3. View the information about the price in the pop-up window
  4. Press "Purchase" button.

You may hire up to 4 Craftsmen in total, allowing you to increase your efficiency and develop your Castle up to 4 times faster than your rivals!

NOTE: once purchased, a Craftsman will be with you forever, and may not be removed from your Castle.

Use this knowledge wisely. May the gods look down upon you kindly.

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