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Counselors help you keep track of changes in your Haven.

Master at Arms

Mr. Moises "Bloody Boots" Johnson
Your Master at Arms keeps you informed on all acts of piracy.

The Master at Arms reports on:

  • Your Scouting mission results;
  • Other players' attempts to scout your Haven;
  • Tracking Reinforcements to and from your Haven;
  • Other players' threats to attack your Haven;
  • Results of battles between you and your Sworn Enemies;
  • Any event involving reinforcements you have sent to your Shipmates.


Savvy Sally Sharpe
Your Merchant keeps you up to speed on your commercial activity.

The Merchant reports on:

  • Galleons arriving to your Haven;
  • Your Galleons arriving at their destination Havens;
  • Other players' exchange requests.


Pierre "Silver Tongue" Lafitte
Your Envoy keeps you informed on the status of offered and current Alliances.

The Envoy reports on:

  • "Accord" offers sent to you;
  • New Shipmates;
  • Termination of Accords


William "Wee Eccentric" McCallan
Your Tinker updates you on the status of your Discoveries.

The Tinker reports on:

  • Discovery research completion;
  • Sketches exchanged with other players;
  • New Sketches created by your Tinker;
  • Discovery upgrade.

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