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Your Command buildings are responsible for all the non-Naval functions that keep your Pirate Haven shipshape.
You start off with your Captain's Quarters already built - but you'll need to build a Market, Observatory, and Brethren Court before you can engage in any trade, discovery, or diplomacy.

Captain's Quarters

Your Captain's Quarters are where you administer all the day-to-day functions of your Haven and its populace. From here you can rename your Haven and track your development statistics. Upgrading your Captain's Quarters (max. level 20) reduces the construction time for all buildings in the game. The Captain's Quarters is already built when you start the game, so it won't appear on any construction menus.


The Observatory is where you research new Discoveries and improve your mastery of old ones. The Observatory also unlocks the «Workshop» function for tracking and planning your Discovery progress. Upgrade the Observatory to speed up the rate of your research (max. level 20). To build the Observatory: 1. Go to your Haven. 2. Click «Construction». 3. Open the «Command» tab and select the Observatory. 4. Choose a place in your Haven and start building.

Brethren Court

Build the Brethren Court to conduct diplomacy. You can make offer terms of parley, form or terminate Accords, get new Shipmates, and invite Friends. You can increase the number of Accords you can enter into at a given time by upgrading the Brethren Court (max level 5). To build the Brethren Court: 1. Go to your Haven. 2. Click «Construction». 3. Open the «Command» tab and select the Brethren Court. 4. Choose a place inside your Haven and start building.== Market == The Market allows you to exchange Resources and Sketches with other Havens. Upgrade the Market (max. level 20) to increase the number of Galleons available for trade. You will need these Galleons to transport Resources and Sketches to other Havens. Keep in mind, every trade transaction you conduct with other Havens will temporarily use at least one Galleon until the transaction is completed. Discover Trade to unlock the Market. To build the Market: 1. Go to your Haven. 2. Click «Construction». 3. Open the «Command» tab and choose Trade. 4. Select a place in your Haven and start building.