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Combine Contracts

combine Contracts

Combine Missions are special operations that allow you to cooperate with your combine members to complete global objectives. All combine missions are given at random, each combine will have 24 hours to complete them. participation is optional, however each completed combine mission grants huge rewards to your combine. Each mission features multiple phases. Upon completion of each phase of a mission, your combine will be rewarded with increasingly larger rewards. All rewards received are stored at the market, within the "Misc" tab.

 NOTE: All rewards must be claimed within three days of completion of contract or rewards will be lost.

The "operation" window of a mission has 2 tabs.

The first tab contains:

  • The combine mission description
  • The time remaining
  • The current reward earned, according to the number of points earned.

The second tab displays the contribution of all combine members towards the completion of the mission.

There are several types of coalition missions.

1. Train_Units Train Units: to complete this mission, A combine must hire units that are worth the indicated number of power points.

NOTE: A player will NOT receive any power points for units added to your current unit production queues before your combine received the mission.

2. Engage Positions: to complete this mission, a combine must earn the indicated points by attacking or defending regular positions. If your fellow soldiers engage campaign missions positions, the points they earn will be added ONLY to their ranking and will not help complete the combine mission.

3. Raid Raid Rival Bases: to complete this mission, a combine must gain the specified amount of resources from raids.

4. Special Operations: to complete this mission, a combine must complete the required number of Special Operations missions.

5. Destroy Kill Enemy Units: to complete this mission, a combine must earn the required number of points by destroying enemy units.

6. Downgrade Downgrade Enemy Mining Complexes, to complete this mission, a combine must earn the required number of points by downgrading enemy mining complexes.

A Combine is not going to receive these missions during:
#PvP events
#Global contracts
#Chests discounts
#Combine wars and challenges
If you see at least 2 of the above mentioned events in the game, the Combine contracts will not be given.