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Combine attacks allow you and two other Combine members to send a joint occupation force against a Complex.

ALWAYS use this feature. Failure to do so increases your loses, decreases their losses, and possibly gives up the element of surprise if your members don't coordinate to hit at the same time as you do. I repeat ALWAYS use this feature when attacking a Complex. There is no valid reason not to do so.


Combine attacks are actually quite simple and don't work much different than normal occupations.

  1. Your members send you OFFENSE troops via the reinforce command.
  2. Navigate to the Complex you wish to attack and click the red occupy button
  3. Click the BLUE button at the top right of the occupy screen that says "Combine Attack"
  4. Choose which members you wish to attack with (Max of 2).
  5. Choose what units you want to send*
  6. Click Occupy
*All participating member units will be lumped together for the attack


  • You can only use this feature against enemy held complexes
  • You can only use this feature with other Combine members
  • You should have the player closest to the Complex send the attack to minimize travel time
  • If the occupation succeeds your units will occupy the Complex
  • If the occupation fails survivors will make their way to their home base
  • Returning survivors will be outside of the Bunker, so take appropriate action

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