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Combat Break Down:

You will still lose troops based off the simple formula for battle. Your total offensive vs his total best possible deffensive number with associated affects to offensive troops combined. Then the results are a percentage of that total amount based off of who's was greater determining the winner and loser and porportioning the losses based off of associated affects from defensive power on the offensive troops and offensive overall porportionately upon defensive troops.

Example: Offense attacks with 100 Light Tanks, 50 Valkyries, and 15 Fighters @ levels 20, 20, and 10 respectively. Defense defends with 100 Viper APCs, 50 ASP Fire Team, and 20 Interceptors all @ level 1.

Each type of attack troop is calculated to for total attack power separately.

100 Light Tanks = 33600

50 Valkyries = 4200

15 Fighters = 25488

Total Attack force = 63288

Each type of defensive troop, however, is calculated on best defensive probability versus attacking forces. So,

20 Interceptors vs. Fighters(highest) = 17000 vs. Fighters

50 Viper ACP vs. Light Tank(highest) = 8500 vs. Light Tanks

50 Viper APC vs. Valkyries(also highest) = 8500 vs. Valkries

[Since the Viper APCs have an equal highest defense against Infantry and Armor, they are divided evenly]

50 ASP Fire Team vs. Fighters(highest) = 3000 vs. Fighters

Total Defense force = 37000

So, the attacking force would win.

Now to calculate the losses on each side. We have to combine the total attack and defensive forces for a total battle force amount.

63288 + 37000 = 100288 total battle force.

Now we determine the losses based off of each units contribution to the total battle force.

Light Tanks lost = 33600 vs. 8500 from Vipers = 33600/42100 or 79.8% LT survival rate and 8500/42100 or 20.2% Viper survival rate(of 50)

Valkyries lost = 4200 vs. 8500 from Vipers = 4200/12700 or 33.1% Valkyrie survival rate and 8500/12700 or 66.9% Viper survival rate(of 50)

Fighters lost = 25488 vs. 17000 from Interceptors and 3000 from ASP Fire Team = 25488/45488 or 56% survival rate and 20000/45488 or 44% survivial rate between Interceptors and ASP Fire Team.

So, the final outcome should be about:

Offense [Victory] Lost Units

Light Tanks 20/100

Valkyries 34/50

Fighters 7/15

Defense [Defeated] Lost Units

Viper APCs 80/100

ASP Fire Team 22/50

Interceptors 9/20



My experience playing has led me to the conclusion that losses on each side are by percentage. For instance, if the attacker's total offense is twice the defender's defense, the attacker will lose ~33% of their troops, and the defender will lose ~67% of theirs. These percentages are rounded: in the previous example, if the attacker had 2 fighters, they would lose 1, whereas if they had 4 fighters, they would also lose only 1. The tricky part in this equation is the many factors, such as sector defense and unit type-specific defense bonuses.

|- Total Domination:Nuclear Strategy page, September 7,2011 at 8:17am, the 5th comment by Keera Raz, supported by Archie Aquino Domondon, states that the combat is calculated based off of the numbers of troops of each type in the attacking force, not the respective power thereof. For instance, if the attacker has 880 Valkyries, 100 Light Tanks, and 20 Fighters, while the defender has 300 SCAR Snipers, 100 Gauss Guns and 50 Interceptors, the battle is calculated as such: (assuming all troops are lvl 1 and no artifacts are involved) (the statistical effects of Sector Defense are presently unknown, and will not be used here) Attacking force by % of troops 88% Infantry 10% Armored Corps 0% Artillery 2% Air Force Total Offense: 105,600(880*60+100*240+20*1440)

Total defense, by type: 76,000 Infantry Defense (300*60+100*380+50*400) *88%=66,880 69,000 Armored Defense (300*20+100*380+50*500) *10%=6,900 86,000 Artillery Defense (300*20+100*500+50*600) *0%=0 98,500 Air Defense (300*20+100*500+50*850) *2%=1,970 Total Defense: 75,750

Total Offense+Defense: 181,350. Losses: 58.23% defenders, 41.77% attackers.

Troop Losses: Attacker - 368 Valkyries, 42 Light Tanks, 8 Fighters. Troop Losses: Defender - 175 SCAR Snipers, 58 Gauss Guns, 29 Interceptors.

Please modify this if you discover some more of the math behind it, or if you are Plarium.

P.S. I think that Sector Defense is directly added to total defense after percentages but before calculating losses. If someone wants to test this by building tons of sector defense and raiding it with various amounts of defense, have fun :D

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