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Battlefield Mechanics

Regardless of whether the Pantheon is held by players or NPCs, the battle is calculated using the Player vs Player mechanics. Thus the losing side will not automatically lose all their forces. Instead loses are distributed between the two forces depending on their relative strength.

If the attacking force wins, the remaining defensive forces will vacate the Pantheon. If the defenders were player units, those units will return to their home city. If NPCs, the units are just removed from the game.

For the Defense

Each Development Level of the Pantheon will increase its passive Defense bonus by 5%, starting with Level 1.

A tie always favors the defense. Each unit garrisoned in the Pantheon retains its respective owners’ Contract, Strategic Unit and Equipment Bonuses. In other words, each defending player's unit defense is calculated independently and then added to a running total for use in the final calculation

The calculation to determine the Defensive Points for the DEFENSE of a Pantheon is as follows (in order of priority)

The following chart shows the passive bonuses as they increase with the Development Level of the Pantheon:

Development Level
Passive Defense Bonus (%)

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