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Clans I would watch out for and how to notice them without becoming dead:

This should be a given, all you have to do is build the embassy to view the most active emitter dominating clans, now, simply holding the most emitters is not the only thing that makes a clan worth watching for. Names may eventually be listed but for now just what to watch for techniques.

1. Small clans: Be careful of these, small clans are sometimes very tight knit and will respond much more harsh and effectively then a larger less organized clan.

2. Clans of high levels with low rank: This should be obvious, unless your ready to mix it up with big kids watch out for them, they dont want emitters they don't want allies, they want your troops dead and all your lovely experience points.

3. Clan Coalitions: You can never be sure when your messing with a clan that's part of something bigger, here all I can recommend is caution when picking your enemies.

15:36, 23 March 2012 (GMT)

Clan Advice Notes

Here you can add notes you've seen or given to fellow clan members that you wouldn't mind sharing with the world. Typical notes are just good old plain and simple advice to make commanders better at becoming efficient killers...and sometimes not becoming a victim.

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